Go, Cowboys! Ooh Rah!

My life is pretty damn surreal and amazing, if I do say so myself.

In the course of researching and writing 50+ books over the  past 9 years or so, I’ve met some pretty fabulous people, from cowboys, to military, to restauranteurs, who provide me with inspiration and fodder for my stories.

Sometimes, all of those folks collide. And sometimes I get really cool stuff too! Case in point… the lovely folks I met from Oklahoma through Joseph’s Fine Foods in Drumright while researching my cowboy book set at OSU in Stillwater through one of my Army contacts who was then a student there. Add to that one of my old USMC contacts who happened to be a door gunner on a CH-53 and deployed to Afghanistan and you’ve got the makings of a really cool freaking story of how in 2013 a romance writer from NY ordered an OSU Cowboys Pistol Pete flag from Amazon and shipped it to Camp Bastion to be flown in a helicopter appropriately called a ‘Super Stallion” over the Helmand Province during combat operations for Operation Enduring Freedom. The crew reportedly ‘had a little excitement’ during that flight.

Hand to God, it’s all the truth. I’ve got the documentation and the flag and the pictures to prove it. With that, I am proud to wish the OSU Cowboys all the luck in the world this Saturday in their game against Iowa State. It’s a lucky flag. That helo crew can attest to it. 🙂

The OSU Flag aboard  a USMC CH-53 over Afghanistan

The OSU Flag aboard a USMC CH-53 over Afghanistan

The flag & certificate signed by the crew -Aircraft Commander, Co-pilot, Tail Gunner and 2 Door Gunners.

The flag & certificate signed by the crew -Aircraft Commander, Co-pilot, Tail Gunner and 2 Door Gunners.

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Iowa State Cyclones

Night with a SEAL Release Schedule Timeline


NIGHT WITH A SEAL releases in eBOOK as part of the Hot Alpha SEALs Megaset

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Hot SEALs Book1






Night with a SEAL paperback

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Night With A SEAL Audio


September 16th

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Saved by a SEAL Hot SEALs Book 2




Hot SEALs series

Covergasm Blog Hop *ENTRIES CLOSED *

covergasm blog hop>>JUNE 14 UPDATE: Random.org chose LUCKY COMMENTER #7 to win my eARC. Congrats susanmplatt!<<

Yep. This one is ALL about the covers. The ones that just make you gasp and go..oh my, I NEED this book. Now! Those that are truly…covergasm-worthy. Stop by each blog to check out their favorites! There will be a giveaway at each stop plus a grand prize giveaway of an Amazon Gift Card! Happy Hopping!

I’m a sucker for a good cover myself. I love getting new covers from my publishers and I love playing around in Photoshop creating some myself. So I will happily show off the new cover from my upcoming Night with a SEAL.

The book will launch my new Romantic Suspense series, Hot SEALs, and will debut in a SEAL-themed multi-author box set late July (fingers crossed!).

It will also be available for individual purchase a couple of months later, when Book 2 in the Hot SEALs series, Saved by a SEAL, will also release. I have a busy and exciting summer ahead of me!

Here’s the cover and below that, information on how you can COMMENT TO WIN my prize! Enter to be the very first to get your hands on an eARC of Night with a SEAL.

Night with a SEAL (Hot SEALs Book 1)


Ten years of dedication to the Navy taught SEAL Jon Rudnick one thing—he’s not afraid to risk life and limb for his country. But when navigating military red tape begins to present more challenges than the enemy it makes Jon question his future. So does Alison Cressly, the woman who doesn’t do one-night stands or SEALs but who broke both rules with Jon the eve of his deployment to Afghanistan. He can’t get her out of his head—not while away and not now that he’s back.

When Ali’s life is threatened and military rules won’t allow him to intervene, Jon decides it’s time to take back control. The question is what would a SEAL do as a civilian? Jon’s got skills, drive and an idea, as well as a few teammates willing to cover his six. And he’s got the hope of more with Ali.

A team of sexy SEALs, a terrorist threat, and an attraction that can’t be denied . . . it all comes together in this launch of the new Hot SEALs romantic suspense series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author Cat Johnson.

Hot SEALs series


Comment on this blog post before the contest deadline to enter to win an eARC of Night with a SEAL (in winner’s choice of either PDF, ePub or Mobi format). That’s right! You will be the very first person to read the launch novella from my new series, not releasing until at least late July. Only my military consultant, my mom, and my paid proofreader have had that honor, so comment to enter now! 

THE FINE PRINT: One prize will be awarded to a single winner. Contest for the digital Night with a SEAL closes June 13, 11:59 PM ET. Comments must be made prior to then to be considered. One winner will be chosen from the comments on this post using Random.org and contacted by email. Winner’s name will be posted here June 14. International entries welcome.

Click HERE to see all the participating blogs . Each blog will serve up their choice of a great cover AND an individual prize! In addition, a grand prize is being offered by the host blog. Details at:



THE COMMANDER (Red, Hot & Blue Series) New Release Excerpt #2

The Commander (Red Hot & Blue) Cat JohnsonJust when they thought they were out of last chances, love comes around again.

Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 12

To his men on his SpecOps team, Hank Miller is simply the commander. They treat him like he’s more than a mere man, but Hank would be the first to admit he is full of the same fears, feelings and desires. He just doesn’t let them show.

The military is his life, and that’s all he needs—until he travels to Pigeon Hollow for a wedding and meets the woman his men reverently call “Mama”.

Lois Gordon is nothing like Hank envisioned. Instead of the plump, older woman happily baking pies in her farmhouse kitchen, Lois is a smart, sexy powerhouse who runs Gordon Equine…and tempts him to break all his own rules.

The heat between them quickly flares into a weekend fling hotter than Lois’s oven. But with Hank’s dangerous career and two failed marriages between them, forever could be too much to ask for.

Product Warnings: Contains one smoking-hot mama and a man tough enough to not need pot holders to handle her.


“I was just fixin’ to bring the last bag of trash from the living room out to the bins when I heard Mandy squawking.” Lois tilted her head toward the doorway.

“I can take it out for you.” Hank moved toward the hall. Lois jumped to follow. It was strange having a man around to do things like take out the trash. Jared was here, but he was so busy with the horses she handled the little things around the house herself.

She was sure there were a lot of things Hank could do for her—to her. Things no man had done in a very long time, and she wasn’t thinking about his cleaning the ashes out of the fireplace or anything like that.

Hank and his long legs reached the living room first. By the time Lois passed through the doorway after him, he was standing over the cardboard box in the center of the room, peering down into the contents.

Oops. She’d forgotten all about that.
He looked up as she entered. “What kind of party was this?”

“Just your average bridal shower/bachelorette party.” She bit her lip and almost laughed at his expression when faced with a box filled with sex toys. “One of the women in my book club sells personal pleasure devices at home parties. Those there are her samples. She’ll be by to pick them up in the morning. She had to leave the party early tonight to babysit her grandchild.”

“Her grandchild.” Hank looked a little horrified. “Okay.”

“Watch it. I’m about to be a grandmother now too, you know.” Like it or not. Lois moved closer to Hank and the box. She picked up the plastic package her friend had given her as a thank you. “A grandmother who now owns a vibrator, apparently. This was my hostess gift from her for having the party.”

Hank’s eyes narrowed as he focused on the object in Lois’s hand. He swallowed, sending his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. His gaze moved to her lips, then his steely eyes met hers. “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any grandmother, much less such an attractive one, holding a vibrator before.”

Lois’s heart pounded, sending her blood rushing through her veins until she got lightheaded. They were standing close enough for her to see the beginnings of stubble on Hank’s chin. Then her gaze moved to his mouth. She bit her bottom lip before bringing her gaze back to meet his.

Leaning in, Hank brushed his hand against her cheek, hovering his lips temptingly close to hers. “Lois, if I’m about to make a fool of myself, stop me now.”

She shook her head. “You are many things, Hank Miller. But a fool is not one of them.”

He thrust his hand beneath the hair at the nape of her neck, cradling her head as he crashed his lips into hers.

Blindly, Lois dropped the vibrator back into the box and freed her hands so she could touch Hank. She ran her hands over the bulging back muscles beneath his shirt. It’s what she’d wanted to do since first seeing him get out of the car earlier that day.

Hank backed her up until her knees buckled at the edge of the sofa. She sat heavily and he followed her down, pressing her back into the cushions. God, how she’d missed a man’s weight on top of her and the feel of big, rough hands against her skin.

“Tell me to stop. If that’s what you want you have to say it, because I’m not going to do it on my own.” His voice sounded gruff and as breathless as she was. His eyes mere slits as he looked at her, Lois could only imagine how she looked herself.

She felt the heat in her cheeks. She hoped he saw the desire in her eyes. “Don’t you dare stop.”



TREY   JACK   JIMMY (3 novellas bundled for print as RED BLOODED)


JARED   COLE   BOBBY (3 novellas bundled for print as SMALLTOWN HEAT)

A FEW GOOD MEN (Novel-length)

MODEL SOLDIER (Novel-length)

A PRINCE AMONG MEN (Novel-length)

BULL   MATT   THE COMMANDER (3 novellas bundled for print as TRUE BLUE soon!)


New Release Day: MATT (Red Hot & Blue series) is out!

Samhain New Releases 30% off

 ALL new release titles are 30% off at SAMHAIN including:

MATT (Red, Hot, & Blue)

Some SpecOp assignments are more special than others.

Matt Coleman. Task Force Zeta’s computer expert. Certified genius. Dateless loser. He’s getting damned tired of watching his teammates pair off, while the only thing he’s had his hands on lately is a computer keyboard

Even Sam, the Omega team’s communications guy—who Matt only knows through daily instant messages—is going on missions while Matt sits home, bored and jealous. Until he finally gets a shot at an assignment in Dubai

As the only female on Omega team, Samantha Foster isn’t surprised that the mission to Dubai is all hers. After all, only a woman can infiltrate a modern-day harem to ferret out a terrorist-minded mole. The big surprise is when she’s sent along with a guest’s dinner as dessert—and finds Matt on the other side of the bedroom door

After he gets over the shock that Sam is a woman, Matt is more than happy to help her in any way he can. In the shower. In the bed. Oh yeah, and on the computer too.

Warning: What happens in the harem doesn’t always stay in the harem.

AMAZON KINDLE  (currently 24% off )






Enjoy the following excerpt for Matt © 2013 Cat Johnson

Matt (Red, Hot & Blue series) Cat Johnson (military romance)She dragged in a ragged breath. “Matt Coleman, I think I like you even more than I did before.”

He tensed. Something wasn’t right here. “You know my name?”

She pressed her mouth against his ear. “Don’t react. I’m not sure if the suite has eyes and ears.”

Not only did her speech sound distinctly American, but she’d just told him in the SpecOp code he used daily that his room might have audio and video surveillance in place.

Naked and unarmed with his back to a stranger who held his dick in her hands. He’d get what he deserved if he ended up dead for this act of extreme stupidity.

He should be able to overpower—

“Matt, relax. It’s me. Sam,” the woman hissed in his ear over the sound of the pounding water.

He angled his head toward her, calculating how best to go about taking her down. If only she’d stop stroking him. “I don’t know any Sam.”

She ran her hands up into the hair that curled around his ears and pulled his head to one side, giving her access to nibble his ear. He would have thought the fright of dying would have taken care of his hard-on. It didn’t, nor would it. Not if she kept this up, whoever she was.

“You frigging idiot. I’m Sam I am. You’re Computer God. Jeez. Make a girl feel forgettable much?”

That nearly sent him to his knees on the marble floor. “You’re female?”

His good buddy Sam? Not just female, but hot and naked, not to mention pressed firmly against him with his dick in her hand.

“Uh, yes. Sam is for Samantha.” She laughed against his ear. He shivered in spite of the hot water still pummeling him. “You didn’t know?”

Oh, boy. This added a whole other level of complications to the situation. He pulled her hand away from him and turned. She rested her palms on his chest, running them up and down his wet skin.

“Nope. Definitely did not know.” His erection was still alive and well, in spite of everything going on in his head. It stuck out straight as an arrow between them. There wasn’t much Matt could do about his situation, except ignore it and hope it would go away while he gathered some answers. “What are you doing here?”

She leaned in closer to his ear. “Talk softer. I don’t know how sensitive their equipment is. The water should cover it if we whisper. And I told you on IM I was going deep. Remember?”

Her comment about going deep while her hardened nipples pressed against him sent his mind to bad, bad places. He shouldn’t be thinking about being buried deep inside his good buddy Sam, but he was. Especially when she slipped the tip of her tongue into his ear. He supposed it was all in case there were surveillance cameras, but his body didn’t care. Goose bumps rose on his skin from the contact.

He nuzzled her neck and asked, “How did you know I was here?”

“I came to investigate the American visitor. I carried in your dinner tray and saw your name and address on your luggage tag. I take it you’re not undercover, so what the fuck are you doing here?”

It was a simple enough question, though he had trouble forming an answer while she slid her hands over his ass and pressed her body against his.

Matt sucked in a breath and tried to think. “I’m working at Al Minhad Air Base on one of our programs they’re using there. Why are you here? And in a frigging harem?”

She pulled back so her gaze met his. “I can’t say.”

Matt frowned. He had the highest clearance there was. She should realize that. “You don’t know if you can trust me?”

Sam leaned close again. “I do know that you’re going to expose me and get me killed if you don’t start playing the part of the horny American with the harem girl.”

He knew she was right, but that still didn’t make it feel less strange or wrong. Or so disturbingly good.


“appealing and fast paced… a funny, hot and intriguing read”  ~Annetta, Fresh Fiction

 THE RED, HOT & BLUE SERIES (in order)




BB DALTON (Bonus Read)













CINDERELLA LIBERTY Excerpt “The Bar Scene” *Rated Spicy!*

Cinderella Liberty

By Cat Johnson

In the UNIFORM DESIRES Box Set at Amazon ,  NOOK and  KOBO for 99 Cents for a limited time!

Marine Gunnery Sergeant John “Crash” O’Malley has two goals for the immediate future. One, enjoy his liberty in New York City, and two, survive his deployment to Afghanistan. What he didn’t plan on is Trish. A guy can’t have a one-night stand with his best friend’s sister and then abandon her at midnight when his liberty ends, but starting a new relationship days before shipping out would be crazy. Then again, Crash never did do things the easy way.

What he doesn’t realize is that his friend’s displeasure over Crash breaking the “no sisters rule” is nothing compared to what the insurgents have in store for them in the Helmand Province. Now it’s a matter of survival because Crash’s new objective is to get home and make Trish his.

Uniform Desires Box Set 99 centsCINDERELLA LBERTY EXCERPT (Rated for Mature Audiences Only 18+):

Trish leaned toward Crash in the red vinyl booth and angled her mouth toward his ear. “They’re getting drunk.”

“Yes, they are.” Truth be told, so was Crash. Not exactly drunk, but definitely feeling the effects.

He could get away with nursing one beer, but when the rounds of shots kept coming, it would have seemed suspicious if Crash had refused to partake while he kept pushing them on Zippy.

Still, things were going just as planned. Having the shots before the food arrived only helped his case with Zippy and Dawn. The two were on the dance floor grinding against each other. Only a matter of time now. Crash glanced at his watch. Nearly nineteen-hundred hours.

“What time is it?” Trish hadn’t missed the move. They were both more than conscious of their limited time tonight.

“Almost seven o’clock,” Crash answered.

“I don’t like this Cinderella liberty.” Her pout drew his gaze to her lips.

“Me either.”

Trish let out a deep sigh. “Even if Dawn can keep Danny distracted so he doesn’t want to leave early to go to that club you told me about, we should still leave no later than eleven-thirty to make sure you’re not late. Just in case we hit traffic.”

“Yeah.” He didn’t want to talk about leaving. He also didn’t want to be here in public where he couldn’t touch her the way he wanted.

Then again, the bar was dim, lit by a few hanging lamps and some neon signs. Crash moved his hand to her thigh, hidden by the table in front of them. A sly smile curved her lips as she rested her hand on his leg, then moved it farther up until just the tip of her finger brushed the crotch of his pants.

His eyes widened before he forced his expression to be neutral. If she wanted to play, he could play. He bunched the fabric of her dress and inched it up. His fingertips brushed the warm skin on the inside of her thigh. She drew in a breath and let it out.

In this very public place, while he kept his gaze trained on her brother on the dance floor, Crash pushed higher until he hit the lace of her underwear. She spread her legs just a bit wider and he started to sweat. Hard as a rock now, he was throbbing behind the fabric of his uniform pants while she ran her finger up and down the outline of his length.

Damn, this was a turn on. He had a feeling it was only going to get hotter, because he had no plans of stopping. Crash slipped beneath the edge of her panties. She was hot and wet, and all for him. He slid between her lips. Her hand on him faltered before she resumed her slow, light stroke over the pants hiding his erection. He didn’t treat her quite so gently. With the tip of one finger he zeroed in on her clit, flicking it fast and hard. She jumped beneath his touch but didn’t close her legs or push him away.

“How’re ya doing?” He glanced her direction, before forcing himself to keep an eye on Zippy.

“Fine.” She swallowed hard enough for him to hear her throat working.

“Good.” Crash slid a finger inside her, and then a second. He stroked in and out until he heard her draw in a sharp breath. He went back to her clit, circling the tiny nub fast. It wasn’t the ideal angle or position for this, but he managed it.

One quick glance at Trish, biting her lower lip, told him it was working. He reversed direction, circling the other way, and felt her jump. She angled her hips, tipping them just a bit, and he heard the tiniest of moans escape her throat. He moved faster. Harder. She was going to come. Right here, right now. At least she would if he had anything to do with it. But good lord, it might just kill him if she did.






CINDERELLA LIBERTY Excerpt “First sight”

Cinderella Liberty

By Cat Johnson

Only in the UNIFORM DESIRES Box Set available for 99 Cents for a limited time!

Marine Gunnery Sergeant John “Crash” O’Malley has two goals for the immediate future. One, enjoy his liberty in New York City, and two, survive his deployment to Afghanistan. What he didn’t plan on is Trish. A guy can’t have a one-night stand with his best friend’s sister and then abandon her at midnight when his liberty ends, but starting a new relationship days before shipping out would be crazy. Then again, Crash never did do things the easy way.

What he doesn’t realize is that his friend’s displeasure over Crash breaking the “no sisters rule” is nothing compared to what the insurgents have in store for them in the Helmand Province. Now it’s a matter of survival because Crash’s new objective is to get home and make Trish his.

Uniform Desires Box Set 99 centsCINDERELLA LBERTY EXCERPT:

“I told you she was hot.” Zippy’s eyes were glued to Dawn, or rather Dawn’s tits, even as he spoke to Crash.

“And I told you I didn’t want to be fixed up.”

“Fine. Maybe I’ll go for it myself. I’d forgotten how smoking she was.”

Crash shook his head. Zippy going for it with his sister’s best friend sounded like a recipe for disaster to him. If it ended up being a one-night stand, Zip wouldn’t be able to help but keep running into the girl because of her friendship with his sister. Same thing if it turned into a longer relationship and ended badly. There’d be hard feelings and no avoiding her. Trish wouldn’t like being put in the middle of a messy situation between her best friend and her brother. That was the very reason Crash shouldn’t be having the thoughts he had about Zippy’s sister.

Crash had never thought of Zippy as a good-looking guy. He just wasn’t wired to think about a fellow Marine like that. But Trish had the same dark hair and rich green eyes her brother had, and on her it was a drop dead gorgeous combination. Add to knockout hair and eyes, Trish’s long legs and tits that weren’t huge but a perfect mouthful and she was his perfect type. The damn women had outfitted her killer body to perfection too. The sundress was low enough in front to hint at some cleavage and short enough to be tasteful but still show off a tempting amount of leg.

More than looks, though, she was funny and cute and—shit, she also happened to be his best buddy’s sister. Crash had to keep reminding himself of that.

Maybe it was for the best she was off limits. Crash didn’t want to be tethered to a relationship back in the States while he was in Afghanistan. That too was a recipe for disaster. Separations like that were hard on an established relationship. Forget about a brand new one just getting off the ground. His last girlfriend had cheated on him while he was stateside—in the same damn town. How could he trust a woman thousands of miles away?

And her being Zippy’s sister made one night of fun with her here in the city impossible. Guys didn’t do that to each other. If the situations were reversed and Zippy screwed around with Crash’s sister and then left for deployment without ever talking to her again, he’d knock Zippy out cold.

Pity, though. He was really enjoying Trish’s company. Watching the way she put Zip in his place was the most fun Crash had had in a while. Half the time Zippy didn’t even realize she was manipulating him into doing what she wanted. Yup, Trish was a smart girl wrapped up in one hell of a tempting package.

Crap. He had to stop thinking that kind of shit.