THREE WEEKS WITH A BULL RIDER Release Day & Review Giveaway

Three Weeks with a Bull Rider

The long awaited release of Book 3 in the Oklahoma Nights series


is finally here!


Because release days make authors crazy, and because Amazon ranks books that have more reviews higher than those that don’t, I’ve decided I’m having a spur of the moment giveaway to thank the first 35 readers who take the time to read the book and post their review to US during release week.

What is this special thank you gift? The very fridge magnet Tara sees on Tuck and Becca’s fridge in the below scene in Chapter 4! (Yes, this makes book number 3 I’ve written Joseph’s Fine Foods fried bologna into!)

She glanced at the stove and made a face at how long the hot water was taking. It was true—a watched pot didn’t boil. She wandered over to the refrigerator. Might as well get out the milk she’d need for her tea. As she reached for the handle, a brightly colored orange magnet caught her eye. She squinted at the magnet’s text, promoting the place in Drumright that had catered Tuck and Becca’s wedding, and the restaurant’s famous fried bologna sandwich.

Tara shook her head and laughed. Tuck and his fried bologna. Her brother was nuts about the stuff.

About to yank the door open, Tara noticed what was held under that fridge magnet. She froze with her hand on the handle and her stomach in knots. Staring back at her, eye level, were the smiling faces of Logan and Emma in their wedding photo.

Becca’s newly married sister now lived just a few miles away with the man Tara had loved since she could walk. Emma had stolen Logan from her and married him just weeks ago.

Tara flashed back to the last time she’d spoken to him. She remembered standing in his parents’ kitchen on the day of his wedding, professing her love to him and begging him not to get married. Logan had said he’d never love Tara that way then left her there alone and went to get married.

In a nutshell, that was why she couldn’t live at Tuck and Becca’s during her internship. In spite of all the things in the plus column for Tara staying with them between events for the next three weeks, there was one big—huge—reason why she couldn’t and it was staring her right in the face from beneath the Joseph’s Fine Foods magnet.


“Why are you cussing at my fridge?” Tuck’s gruff morning voice came from behind Tara.

Entering is easy:
Keep Calm and Eat Bologna

  1. Be among the first 35 readers to a) post a review for Three Weeks with a Bull Rider on (US) and b) email me the link to your review on US.  NOTE: It’s okay if you bought the book from BN, Kobo, Books-A-Million, Walmart, etc, or even if you received an Advanced Review Copy. You don’t have to have purchased the book at Amazon to leave a review there.
  2. COPY and PASTE the link (URL) to your review on US into an email with the subject line MAGNET, and send it to me at
  3. Include in the email your United States mailing address and I will mail to you via USPS the orange “Keep Calm and Eat Bologna” magnet “seen” in Chapter 4  of Three Weeks with a Bull Rider.
  4. Limited offer. The first 35 readers with qualifying reviews to email me will receive the gift. Valid for release week only. Reviews must be posted  and email received by 11:59 PM Eastern Time April 1, 2014
Keep Calm and Eat Bologna Cat Johnson Magnets

Magnets modeled by the crew at Joseph’s Fine Foods in Drumright, OK

Share the Love Giveaway Hop (CLOSED) and an EXCERPT from THROWN

Share the Love Bloghop
As we count down to Valentines Day, this blog hop is a little different. I’m sharing the love and surprising a few of my author friends by giving them the gift of your Facebook Likes and Twitter Follows. In exchange, each one you Follow/Like will be a bonus entry for you to win my prize, an advanced digital ARC of THROWN. And for those of you who aren’t on FB or Twitter, you still get to enter. All you need is an email address to do so. And as an additional thanks, I’ve posted an all new excerpt from THROWN at the end of this post.

Don’t forget to visit the host blog, Herding Cats & Burning Soup for links to all the other participating blogs where there are more prizes and chances to win!

TO ENTER: The entry form is hosted at the embedded MOBILE FRIENDLY LINK (or copy and paste this URL ) My apologies that WordPress doesn’t allow me to embed the whole entry form here.

The Fine Print: Contest ends 11:59 PM ET Feb. 14, 2014. PromoSimple will generate a winner from the entrants. I will email the winner of my prize, an eARC of my May 20th release THROWN, as well as post their name here on Feb 15th.


Thanks for helping me share the love! And as a thank you, I’m posting below a never-before-seen excerpt from my May release, THROWN (Studs in Spurs, Book 6). This book, and the next one coming in the series, CHAMPION, show how love can happen at any age. The hero and heroine in THROWN are young (Skeeter 21 and Reilly 19), but in the next book, CHAMPION, the hero Cooper (Skeeter’s bull riding teacher) is in his 40s and the heroine Hannah, Skeeter’s mother, is nearly 40. The two books are standalone love stories. Enjoy! Cat

THROWN (Studs in Spurs, Book 6) by Cat Johnson

Thrown Studs in Spurs Cat Johnson

This ain’t their first rodeo…but there are a lot of other firsts they can experience together

Skeeter Anderson was born to ride bulls. He bypassed college to shoot straight to the top of the elite pro tour, but lately all he can seem to do is hit the dirt.Unwilling to admit his career might be over at twenty-one, Skeeter brainstorms a bull-riding boot camp with his buddies, which will put him closer to a girl who’s caught his eye—a stock contractor’s daughter called Riley.

Riley Davis lives and breathes bulls. Since her mother’s death, she’s been her father’s business partner as well as the apple of his eye—until a coronary rips him out of her life. Now, at nineteen, she must find a way to hang onto the family business. When Skeeter hears about Riley’s dad, he drives straight to Mississippi to lend her a hand, his buddies hot on his heels. Suddenly Riley has more help than she can shake a stick at, and an attraction to Skeeter that’s heating up by the minute…

Warning: Contains cowboy yoga, cowboys in love, and a romance that hits so hard and fast, it makes being thrown from a bull look like a friendly game of hopscotch.

EXCERPT from THROWN (rated G)

10 Years Ago

Glen walked over with the bull rope that had fallen off the bull right after Skeeter had. He looped it over the rail and shook his head. “Damned if he don’t remind me of you, Coop.”

“Oh, really?” Cooper cocked a brow.

“Yup. You get that same look in your eye after a ride.” The man grinned.

As Glen walked away in the direction of the barn, Cooper’s gaze shot to Skeeter. “If that’s true, then God help you, boy. You’re bound to have a tough life ahead of you.”

Skeeter could handle it. His life hadn’t been a piece of cake so far anyway. But the life of a professional bull rider like Cooper? He was ready for whatever that threw at him.

The sound of gravel crunching on the driveway caught Skeeter’s attention. He turned to see his mother’s car inch its way toward the ring. He hardly held himself in check so he didn’t go running toward her. The only thing preventing him was that he didn’t want to act like a little kid in front of Cooper.

She seemed to take an eternity to park and then walk toward him. She stepped carefully through the dust and the sparse grass. Her waitress uniform looked so out of place next to the practice pen it might have made Skeeter laugh if he hadn’t been so excited, but his mom didn’t seem to notice or care that she didn’t fit in here dressed like that.

Cooper must have noticed her uniform though. He was staring at her as she made her way from the parked car to the ring.

Skeeter jumped to explain. “My mom works at the diner weeknights after her shift at the hospital is over. She works there on Saturdays too. That’s why she’s wearing that uniform.”

“That’s a lot of work for one lady.” Cooper shot Skeeter a sideways look. “What’s your daddy do for a living?”

“I don’t know. He doesn’t live around here.”

After a second, Cooper nodded. His gaze shifted, moving to Skeeter’s mom and then back to Skeeter. “There ain’t nothing wrong with having two jobs and working hard, son. Except I suppose it doesn’t leave her much time for herself, now does it?”

“Sure, it does. She has Sunday mornings off. We go to church and then she and the ladies there have coffee and cookies together while the kids go play outside.”

Cooper nodded again, but by then Skeeter’s mother was close enough he could tell her about his ride. “Mom! Cooper said I did great and I can ride again tomorrow.”

She raised one brow. “Is that so? And it’s proper to call him Mr. Holbrook.”
Cooper grinned. “That’s fine, ma’am. Cooper works for me.”
“As long as it’s all right with you.” His mother didn’t smile even though Cooper was smiling at her. In fact, she looked a little sad as she looked at Skeeter. “But I’m not sure about another lesson so soon.”

No! She couldn’t say that.

“I need to keep practicing if I’m gonna get good.” When she pressed her lips together in a move Skeeter had seen many times, his heart sank. She was going to say no. It was no use, but he had to try anyway. “Please.”

She drew in a slow breath.
“Ma’am. If I might step in here for a second?”
Finally letting out that big breath, she glanced at Cooper. “Sure.”
“I could use someone to help me out here. If you dropped him off for a few hours a couple of days a week, he could do a little work around the place and then I could get him on a few bulls. It would only be when I’m around, of course. I do a lot of traveling, but if I’m here, he’s welcome.”

She bit her lower lip before she nodded. “That would be real nice of you, Mr. Holbrook.”

“Nah, he’d be doing me the favor helping out. And it’s Cooper, remember?”

“All right. Thank you.” A small smile tipped up her lips and Skeeter’s heart began to pound. He was going to get to work and ride with Cooper, almost like they were partners. That was even better than just taking lessons.

“It’s my pleasure, ma’am.”

She swiped one hand across her eyes and then turned to Skeeter. “Come on. We’ve got to go. I need to get a load of laundry in so my uniform’s clean for work. You need to thank Mr. Hol—Cooper.”


Meet me in Las Vegas this week! And a Rafflecopter Contest!


Rider Relief FuncTomorrow, at the crack of dawn, I head to Las Vegas, Nevada for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Finals. My schedule is packed, but I’m taking two bathing suits and hoping to leave this chilly 30 degree New York weather and lounge by the pool at the Luxor for at least a few hours on Wednesday or Thursday. Of course there’s bull riding events–for the cowboys, not for me– daily Wednesday through Sunday.Then there’s the Rider Relief Fund luncheon (tickets required) on Friday, my appearance at the Rider Relief Fund booth in the Fan Zone at Mandalay Bay from 11-2 Saturday and a book signing at Barnes and Noble right after the competition on Sunday. Monday crack of dawn, tired but happy I’m sure, I’ll head back to New York.

banner pbr finals

If you’re in Vegas and around any of those locations, please stop by and say hello. I’d love to meet you. If by chance when you see me I happen to have a drink in one hand and a cowboy in the other just remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!  😉



And while I’m away having fun, I’m not about to leave you hanging so some of my fellow authors and I who all have releases on the 29th are having a Rafflecopter giveaway (click the embedded link to enter). Celebrate releases by Mari Carr, Kelly Jamieson and me all hitting Oct 29th with the rafflecopter contest (running now) and daily blog posts on all three of our blogs (starting Oct 27th).

*CLOSED* Enter the ‘Sunset on Summer’ Blog Hop to Win!

Sunset on Summer Blog Hop September 2013

UPDATE 10/2/20013 THE WINNER OF MY BLOG PRIZE IS Brenda M.! Thanks to all the commenters!

Summer is coming to an end, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because the end of summer means the beginning of fall. Crisp cool weather. Shorter days and longer nights. Kids busy with school work and hopefully more time for mom to snuggle in with a good book.

The big publishers must realize this too because they hold their powerhouse mega releases for the autumn months leading up to the holiday season. Even my publishers are putting out my new releases, (which are not powerhouse mega releases I assure you!) during this post-summer time period and for four months in a row, from September through December, I have one new release each month.

Crazy, huh!?

Below is the lineup of what’s coming from me from now through the end of the year, all on preorder so you can wake up to them on release day and find they were delivered to your eReader, effort free.

MY PRIZE: To celebrate my new releases, and the wrapping up of the Red, Hot & Blue series, I’ll be giving one lucky commenter on this post a download of one of my Red, Hot & Blue series backlist eBook titles that are available now. (Winner’s Choice of one of the following eBooks: Trey, Jack, Jimmy, Jared, Cole, Bobby, A Few Good Men, Model Soldier, or A Prince Among Men.)


The Fine Print: For my blog prize, one eBook, international entries are welcome. One winner will be chosen using from the comments left on this post during the duration of the hop (11:59 PM eastern time September 16 through 11:59 PM eastern time September 30th). The winner will be contacted by email and announced on October 1st.


Cat’s New Releases

TWO TIMES AS HOT (Oklahoma Nights series) Sept 24

BULL (Red, Hot & Blue series) Oct 29

MATT (Red, Hot & Blue series) Nov 26

THE COMMANDER (Red, Hot & Blue series) Dec 31

Two Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights Series) BULL (Red Hot & Blue series) Cat Johnson Military Romance Matt (Red, Hot & Blue series) Cat Johnson (military romance) The Commander (Red Hot & Blue) Cat Johnson

Visit the sponsors’ hop page for a full list of participating blogs HERE.

Visit all the participants’ blogs for more chances to win!


**10/10 UPDATE: GRAND PRIZE WINNER IS Michelle Vasquez**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fine Print for the Grand Prize:
1 winner will receive their choice of a Kindle Fire 7″ HD or NOOK HD winner’s choice (US Only), or Paypal Cash (International). Rafflecopter Closes at 12:01 AM 9/30/13. Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Christy from BTS Book Reviews emag and Decadent Publishing and sponsored by the participating authors & bloggers. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

Our wonderful Grand Prize Co-Sponsors

And the Great Condom Scavenger Hunt Winner is…

Hot Cowboys by Author Cat Johnson

Leslie Marcyoniak

Even though Leslie wrote in her email that she could only find 13 of the 14 uses of the word “condom” in ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY, I only required 5 to enter so Leslie will receive the paperback Advanced Review Copy of Oklahoma Nights, Book 2 TWO TIMES AS HOT which releases September 24th and is on preorder now.

Kudos to Leslie and to all of the many entrants for finding my elusive condoms, since the All About Romance Reviews reviewer who wrote this statement in her review of ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY, “There was never any discussion of birth control or disease prevention during any of their romantic moments, despite the fact that they were virtual strangers.” apparently missed every single reference when she ‘read’ my book. I won’t judge. Perhaps she needs reading glasses? I’m getting up there in years myself so I know those pesky eyes start to go over 40.

Anyway… on to the fun part, the reveal of all the many, many references–so many in fact I had to think to myself, damn, I made this character a tad too condom obsessed.



“I get the one in black.” When Jace didn’t respond to his claim on the woman, Tuck glanced at his friend. He found Jace standing openmouthed and staring at him.

Finally, once the look of shock had passed, Jace laughed. “All right. You got it, Tuck. Oh, and there’s a fresh box of condoms in my gear bag. You know, just in case.”

Glancing at her again, he didn’t bother denying his interest. Jace had known him too long for Tuck to try lying to him now. They’d been riding in local rodeos together since they were horny teens on the prowl for any willing female. As concerned about their post-competition activities as they were about the ride. It was no use pretending he wasn’t picturing this woman and him rolling around naked. If she was willing, he sure was.

Tuck nodded. “Good to know. Thanks.”


Tuck’s gaze dropped to her mouth as she answered. Soon, he hoped, he’d have the pleasure of experiencing those tempting lips. He shifted the weight of his gear bag from one hand to the other, very aware of the strip of condoms Jace had so generously stashed in it for him.

Okay, so maybe Tuck wanted to do much more than just kiss Becca. At least he would be prepared. Fine motto—be prepared. It could make for a very good night.


He dumped his gear bag behind his seat and was once again reminded of what it contained. He’d obviously been without a woman for too long; the condoms he’d gotten from Jace, and the possibility of being alone with Becca to use them, were all he could think about.


“If you’re honestly worried about me spending the money, don’t be. I took second in the bull riding tonight. I went to the payout window right before the autograph signing and now I’ve got an envelope stuffed full of cash in my gear bag.” As well as the strip of condoms Jace had put in there.


Opening his door, he got out and stood, stretching his back in the process before he reached behind the seat for his gear bag. Under the guise of getting his payout envelope, he also grabbed the other necessity he’d need for the night, the condoms Jace had supplied him with.

As he shoved both into the pockets of his jeans…


It all seemed much more real as he tore open the condom wrapper he’d just pulled from the front pocket of his pants.


The condom he’d rolled on seemed to stretch to its limit. Tucker was a big man. That excited her as much as it made her nervous.


“Darlin’, I’ve got six condoms and all night.” His piercing gaze held hers. “There’s going to be a whole lot more than just once. Believe me. I intend on neither one of us being able to walk straight in the morning. You okay with that?”


She was still throbbing when he covered himself with a condom quicker than she’d thought possible and rolled on top of her. She glanced at the clock to make sure she wasn’t going to be late for her interview, though at this point, she wasn’t sure she would have cared.


She pocketed that sadness and bent to retrieve the scattered empty condom wrappers from the floor.

“You know, we only used three out of the six. You must be slacking off.” She glanced up and saw his brow rise at her comment.

“Skip that meeting of yours and we’ll use those and then I’ll go out for another box full.”

11, 12, 13 and 14!

He wanted her as much as he had that first night, and by all indications, she felt the same . . . And he didn’t have a condom. He pulled his mouth away.

“Crap.” With a loud sigh, he took one giant step back.

“What’s wrong?” Becca’s voice broke on the question.

He let out a short, sad laugh. “Nothing you did, darlin’. No condoms. I came expecting to eat barbecue. Not to . . .” He bowed his head and spread his hands to indicate the space now separating them.

Becca took a step forward and narrowed the distance. “I’m on the pill, if that helps any.”

They didn’t have to worry about a condom for disease prevention. He was pretty sure Becca wasn’t the type to sleep around. That night with him had been the exception, not the rule. He’d used protection every time he’d been with anyone since his divorce, and the army required he be tested every six months. He could slide into her and have nothing between them. Her revelation nearly destroyed his last bit of control.

“Yeah, it helps.” He groaned and took another step toward her until his thigh was cradled between hers.

The birth control issue settled, he thrust his hands into Becca’s thick hair and crashed against her mouth again. It felt so good to kiss this woman. That’s what made it even crazier when a niggling thought broke into his pleasure. A thought that had him pulling away. “Wait. Were you on the pill the last time?”


He frowned. “Why didn’t you tell me then?”

And why the hell was he talking now?

Because he needed to know, which was insane. But it seemed Becca had kept quite a few things from him. He’d had a woman like that in his life already. In fact, he was still sending her monthly spousal support checks and would be for the next year.

“I didn’t tell you that night because I didn’t really know you then, and we had all those condoms so it wasn’t an issue.”

* * *

Thanks to everyone for playing along and don’t miss the entire Oklahoma Nights series!

Luv ya all!!


Oklahoma Nights Series by Cat Johnson

Beach Book Bonanza!! Win a $50 Gift Certificate *CLOSED*

Update: The winner of the $50 Beach Book Bonanza Giveaway is Sandie White. She chose an Amazon gift card, which I emailed to her this morning. I wanted to thank everyone for their participation.


Enter the Beach Book Bonanza I’m putting on with some author friends for a chance to win a $50 Amazon or B&N gift certificate.

Use the Rafflecopter at the following link to enter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



The fine print: Contest runs from 12:01 AM June 29, 2013 until 11:59 PM July 6, 2013 

The Great Condom Scavenger Hunt! -CLOSED-

I recently read a review for One Night With a Cowboy where the reviewer made this comment…

“There was never any discussion of birth control or disease prevention during any of their romantic moments, despite the fact that they were virtual strangers.”

Now I wrote the book so I know, there’s not only a mention of condom usage, there are multiple discussions about it, so that got my creative brain working and viola the Great Condom Scavenger Hunt was born!!

Here are the rules– If you own or have access to a copy of ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY (Oklahoma Nights, Book 1), either print or eBook, go in and find any place I mention condoms. DO NOT POST THE ANSWERS HERE! That will just give them away to all your competition for the prize. Email the snippets to me at That’s Cat (at) CatJohnson (dot) net.

Now, the eBook readers will have the clear advantage over the print book readers because they can run a word search, so to make it fair, I will count any entries listing 5 passages/sentences mentioning condoms by name. But kudos to you if you find all 14 because yes, there are FOURTEEN times I mention the word condom in this book.

From the correct/complete entries I will randomly choose (using one winner to receive a paperback ARC of Two Times As Hot (Oklahoma Nights, Book 2). That’s right, you will have this book in your hands 3 months before the September 24th release date! And I’m so excited about this contest, I’ll even make it INTERNATIONAL and pay the shipping.

I’ll give you the weekend to complete your task and make the contest end at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, July 1st.

Tuesday, July 2nd I will post not only the winner’s name, I will also post all 14 condom mentions, for your reading pleasure.

See that post HERE

And please, share this contest with your friends. Since we’re all well protected here, sharing is allowed and encouraged 😉