The Great Condom Scavenger Hunt! -CLOSED-

I recently read a review for One Night With a Cowboy where the reviewer made this comment…

“There was never any discussion of birth control or disease prevention during any of their romantic moments, despite the fact that they were virtual strangers.”

Now I wrote the book so I know, there’s not only a mention of condom usage, there are multiple discussions about it, so that got my creative brain working and viola the Great Condom Scavenger Hunt was born!!

Here are the rules– If you own or have access to a copy of ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY (Oklahoma Nights, Book 1), either print or eBook, go in and find any place I mention condoms. DO NOT POST THE ANSWERS HERE! That will just give them away to all your competition for the prize. Email the snippets to me at That’s Cat (at) CatJohnson (dot) net.

Now, the eBook readers will have the clear advantage over the print book readers because they can run a word search, so to make it fair, I will count any entries listing 5 passages/sentences mentioning condoms by name. But kudos to you if you find all 14 because yes, there are FOURTEEN times I mention the word condom in this book.

From the correct/complete entries I will randomly choose (using one winner to receive a paperback ARC of Two Times As Hot (Oklahoma Nights, Book 2). That’s right, you will have this book in your hands 3 months before the September 24th release date! And I’m so excited about this contest, I’ll even make it INTERNATIONAL and pay the shipping.

I’ll give you the weekend to complete your task and make the contest end at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, July 1st.

Tuesday, July 2nd I will post not only the winner’s name, I will also post all 14 condom mentions, for your reading pleasure.

See that post HERE

And please, share this contest with your friends. Since we’re all well protected here, sharing is allowed and encouraged 😉