THE BEGINNING: I discovered the and decided I needed to be a part of it.

The apparently controversial wetting of the boots

NEXT: My new combat boots hurt like hell and had to be broken in…by wearing them wet.

I debuted my boots at the Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club Christmas Party Dec 2012

I debuted my now comfy and dry combat boots at the Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club Christmas Party on Long Island in December 2012

"Ask Me About My Boots" The Boot Campaign T-shirt on Cat JohnsonAuthor Cat Johnson - The Boot CampaignPhoto: Kim RochaPhoto: Kim Rocha

I wore them at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention book signing in Kansas City, MO May 2013. And also with my Stars & Stripes corset and full-length skirt for the formal gala.

Cat Johnson Stars & Stripes Corset & combat boots

Look for my "Ask Me About My Boots" Button

One response to “BOOT CAMPAIGN

  1. What a awesome organization. I have a pair of desert combat boots myself but i got mine from uncle Sam back in 1990 right before i went to Saudi Arabia and became a part of Desert Storm. So glad to see Americans getting involved in helping support our troops in any way they can. With the US involved in so many conflicts and they years we’ve been at it there is a really big need for new vets as well and the older ones. Thanks for helping.

    Lisa B

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