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Authors who are household names become so because of word of mouth. It’s the most valuable form of advertising of all, and it’s something you can’t buy. Whether you’re a superfan, or just a reader who likes to share your love of books –what can you do to help your favorite authors?

Below are my personal 6 Reader Rs (which may become more as I think of them) that any reader can do to help me, or any author:

* If you enjoy an author’s books, recommend her,in person and online. Tell everyone you know who might enjoy them too. I have a reader who recommended me to her OB/GYN, who then became a fan. Hopefully, she now also recommends me to her patients. There is also a quick and easy RECOMMEND THIS BOOK link on Goodreads.

* Read it? Then RATE and REVIEW itonline at all the big sites like Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.  DISCOVERABILITY is the key to sales, and also the biggest problem for authors. But the more ratings and honest reviews a book has, the better the placement it gets in searches and bestseller rankings. While you’re at it, share a snippet from your review and the buy page on Google+, FB and Twitter. ADD your favorite author’s books to your Amazon Wish List (Amazon has a Top 100 Wish List). Also SHELVE it on to your Goodreads shelves, mark it TBR or Read and add it or vote for it on Goodreads Lists. It really helps readers find new titles.

* Reorganize that book shelf, just a little when you find your favorite author’s book on the shelf at a brick-and-mortar bookstore. Turn it face out so other readers can discover it by the pretty cover. Though we know people judge a book by its cover, no one can judge anything when just that tiny spine is showing. You can also ask any bookseller or library to order your favorite authors’ books. All they need is the ISBN number, title and author name. If it’s available from a distributor they order from, they can get it.

* ReTweet. Or Facebook, or Blog, or Google +, or whatever your site of choice is. Follow your fav authors on Twitter. Like their FB Pages. When you see an important post, Like it, Comment on it, and Share it with your friends. FB shows page posts with more likes, comments and shares more, and hides less popular posts. Help spread the word about interviews, contests, new blog posts, new releases, sales, giveaways, etc.

5th Ave, NY Barnes & Noble*New releases rule! At least when it comes to certain best seller lists, and the sales that come in on preorder and during the first week of a new release drive that title higher (or lower, depending on how you look at it) in the best seller rankings, which means more people have a chance of discovering them. So word of mouth is always good and helpful and appreciated at any time, but know that when it comes to things like the NY Times Best-seller list, promo that drives sales before or around release day counts the most–we think, because it’s all kind of secret over there.

*Redistribute! Ask your fav author for promo items such as bookmarks and pass them out to interested readers. (That’s the key part–interested readers–since you never want to force items on people, or leave things on cars, or stick items in other authors’ books on store shelves. That may anger people.) A personal recommendation, along with a small item to jog the reader’s memory later is the best combination. Due to the high cost of postage, I can not ship promo outside the continental US. My apologies.

24 responses to “FOR FANS

  1. I know that I for one am on a couple of author’s street teams. If I find I like an author my first step is always to let others know what an awesome new find I have found, even if that means loaning out my own first couple of books getting them hooked, then I make them get their own copies. However, thats not REALLY letting the masses know, so I take bookmarks, and cards or pens into bookstores to spread te word that way, and let them know if they need more let me know or contact the author. Mostly its all about having fun and letting/geting your authors info out there. People aren’t going to know unless they see!!!

    • They are both good in different ways, I think. Personally I think a Goodreads reveiw from someone a reader “knows” from that site will hold more weight and might be all they need to make a purchase. On the other hand Amazon chooses which books they feature (for things like the “recommended for you” section) by # of reviews so in that case, a Amazon review might help get a book seen by more people.

  2. You and your books are mentioned every chance I get :)….I have to go into goodreads and see about updating my reviewed books list 🙂

    • Please do not EVER purchase an overpriced, out-of-print paperback of one of my books from a used bookseller on Amazon or anywhere else. I’ve seen them price things as high as $900. I can assure you I do not set that price nor would I see a dime of that money. True Blue will be re-released. It just may take a little time to get it on the Samhain schedule. In the meantime, thank you for being a reader and I hope you enjoy my other new releases until I can get the stories in True Blue back out to the public at a reasonable cost.

  3. Read the anthology “He’s the One” with the teaser short story “Fish Out of Water. That enticed me to get “One Night With a Cowboy” which I just finished.

    Loved Tucker and Becca! It was such a smooth-flowing read. There wasn’t page after page of scenery description and overly long discourses about their thoughts thereby neglecting dialogue between individuals.

    Much as I wanted to be selfish and keep it for myself, I passed it along to a friend on PaperBackSwap.

    Waiting impatiently for “Two Times as Hot” to be delivered.

    Thank You for such an enjoyable read.

  4. I just recently met you at the Nora Roberts booksigning in March, 2014. I purchased and had you sign “One Night with a Cowboy” – only problem with the book…I could NOT put it down, so therefore, it didn’t last me very long!! It was awesome and now I want to get the other two of the series. It was so nice meeting you. I have added to my lists of authors so much by going to her book signings and actually meeting the authors. I love to read and if I could get paid to read….it would be the most AWESOME job ever!! lol I’m 65 and still looking for work, but having the time to read is good too. To see how the authors interact with the people there means a lot. Hopefully I will get to see you again at one of Nora’s signings!!! Keep writing about Cowboys…and those pics don’t hurt either!!!

    • Thank you so much, Barb! I have to say the readers I met at Nora’s were the most amazing I’ve ever met. You and so many come, wait for hours, and make an effort to purchase books from so many of the guest authors there. In spite of the expense, you all take a chance on us, most of us totally unknown to you, and that is incredible. So thank you and I am so happy you enjoyed the book. 🙂

  5. Love your Studs in Spurs series. Started with Flanked and before I knew it I had read everyone of them. Now I can’t wait until Cooper’s story in Champion. Hope his story won’t be the last in this series. I agree with Barb keep writing about the cowboys!

    • Definitely NOT the last. Don’t worry! I think Aaron will be next. Of course I have a few other projects to get off my plate first but it won’t be too long, I hope. Thanks for the comment, Alice. So happy you are enjoying the series.

  6. Wonder when game on is going to be available on – very frustrating as can see it on american amazon but cant buy it from them.

    • Bella Andre has been in contact with Amazon to ask this question and they said they are working to make it available in the UK, but the licensing is taking some time. I don’t know when but they are working on it. Hope that helps a bit. 🙂

  7. Thanks for that. Will keep an eye out for it. I know I am not the only one – it comes up on all the searches. Love your books. Have collected all of them.

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