New eRelease: Champion (Studs in Spurs)


Champion (Studs in Spurs)

Cooper Holbrook… Champion bull rider, alpha male, damaged hero, bad boy with a heart of gold. You met him in Skeeter’s book, Thrown (Studs in Spurs). Skeeter’s mother, Hannah, met him as well. CHAMPION is Cooper and Hannah’s love story. Download the eBook now at AMAZONBN and ARe.  Paperback coming in 2015.

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Champion Studs in Spurs Cat Johnson romance novels

CHAMPION (Studs in Spurs) by Cat Johnson

Sometimes you have to lose everything to make room for what really matters.

Ten years ago, Cooper Holbrook was a player when it came to women, and he knew it. Well enough that he took one look at the hero worship in Hannah Anderson’s eyes, and nipped it in the bud. She was no buckle bunny, and he wasn’t the man for her or her young son.

The years have caught up with the former champion bull rider. At forty, he’s got nothing left but a broken-down ranch to go with the friendless, near penniless, broken man he’s become.

Hannah has carried a flame for Cooper since the moment the stubborn cowboy took her son on as a bull riding student. Way back then, she saw the good man beneath the bad- boy exterior. Now she’s finally going to do something about her feelings. Cooper might think his life is over, but Hannah sees more for him—for them, together. And she’s not giving up until he sees it too.

Warning: Contains a decade’s worth of pent-up sexual tension charging out of the chute!

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Paperback coming in 2015


#RWA2014 San Antonio, TX – What I did on my summer vacation

My trip to San Antonio, TX was hot (well over 100 degrees daily), interesting, amazing, exhausting, eye opening and unforgettable. I went from meetings with industry professionals at the conference at the Riverwalk, to culinary adventures in Market Square, to a video filming for Amazon Kindle Love Stories and Kindle Worlds, to absorbing local color at the Cowboy Dancehall.  I now know there are more cowboys and tortillas (for breakfast lunch and dinner) in the state of Texas than anywhere else, that Prickly Pears are purple and that you can indeed have bull riding, dancing and live music all simultaneously under one roof. All in all, there were many things learned, new friends made, and old ones revisited and it was well worth the trip from NY and the time spent away from the WiP. Below are a few highlights in pictures.

The River Walk San Antonio TX

The River Walk San Antonio TX

Prickly Pear Margarita at the Kensington Dinner

Prickly Pear Margarita, Kensington Dinner, La Margarita

Bella Andre & Cat Johnson Kindle Worlds Video Shoot

Bella Andre & Cat Johnson Kindle Worlds Video Shoot

Cat Johnson Kindle Love Stories Interview

Cat Johnson Kindle Love Stories Interview

Cat Johnson at the Alamo San Antonio TX

Cat Johnson at the Alamo San Antonio TX

The Alamo

The Alamo

Cowboy Dance Hall PBR Bull Riding

Cowboy Dance Hall PBR Bull Riding

PBR Touring Pro San Antonio

PBR Touring Pro San Antonio

Live Music Cowboy Dance Hall SanAntonio

Live Band, Cowboy Dance Hall, San Antonio, TX

All new excerpt from my contemporary cowboy romance novel THROWN

Release Day is one week away! How about an excerpt to hold you over until next Tuesday?

cowboy romance by Cat JohnsonTHROWN (Studs in Spurs, Book 6) by Cat Johnson

Skeeter Anderson was born to ride bulls. He bypassed college to shoot straight to the top of the elite pro tour, but lately all he can seem to do is hit the dirt. Unwilling to admit his career might be over at twenty-one, Skeeter brainstorms a bull-riding boot camp with his buddies, which will put him closer to a girl who’s caught his eye—a stock contractor’s daughter called Riley.

Riley Davis lives and breathes bulls. Since her mother’s death, she’s been her father’s business partner as well as the apple of his eye—until a coronary rips him out of her life. Now, at nineteen, she must find a way to hang onto the family business. When Skeeter drives to Mississippi to lend her a hand, his buddies hot on his heels, Riley has more help than she can shake a stick at, and an attraction to Skeeter that’s heating up by the minute…


Inside her room, he released her hand and moved to the window. He hit the ON button for the air conditioner. It purred to life, much quieter than the unit upstairs. Hopefully the soft, steady drone would lull her to sleep.

He’d have to sneak in a shower after she fell asleep, but for now he could lie with her for a while. Skeeter sat on the edge of the mattress and pulled off his boots as the room began to cool. As the second boot dropped to the floor with a thud, he twisted to see Riley hesitating near the bed. She wasn’t sure what he wanted.

What he wanted and what he was going to do were two very different things. He swung his legs onto the bed on top of the covers and leaned back against the headboard.

Reaching out, he flipped back just the corner of the sheets on her side of the bed. “Come on. Get in and get comfortable.”

She did as he’d said, settling in against the pillow beneath his arm. She felt good there, nestled against him. A man could get used to having a soft warm body pressed against his all night, every night.

He glanced down to make sure she was comfortable and saw the smile on her lips. “What?”

She laughed. “I was just thinking if the preacher showed up now his head would probably explode. Between Mustang and Sage in the trailer, and Slade and Jenna in the barn. You and I here…”

“Yeah, I know. Not exactly the wholesome picture I painted for him.” Skeeter didn’t want Riley getting the wrong impression about the guys or him. “You know, they really are a couple of good guys.”

“I know.”

“Don’t say anything to anyone yet, but I think Slade might be fixin’ to ask Jenna to marry him.”

“Really?” She turned her head on the pillow to look up at him. “How do you know?”

“He kind of hinted at it the other day.”

“Wow. That’s nice. You think she’ll say yes?”

“Don’t know. She loves him, anybody can see that, but she’s a city girl with a home in New York. He’s a bull rider, on the road all the time, and his family is in Texas. Differences like that can cause problems, I suppose. It’s not like they’re from the same world—” Skeeter stopped himself before he finished the thought. From the same world like you and I.

If this were any other time in Riley’s life, Skeeter wouldn’t be sitting in bed with her making small talk until she could fall asleep. Instead, he’d be exploring every inch of her, getting to know her in so many ways.

That time would come. God, he hoped it would. He hadn’t considered trying to have a serious girlfriend since he’d started traveling with the pro circuit. It had seemed impossible. Riley made him want to have one. To have her. She made it seem possible. They did live in the same world. It was very possible.

His pulse sped a bit thinking of lying down with Riley every night, just like this. Like this, but different because if they were together as a couple, they wouldn’t be talking right now. It was nearly impossible, but he yanked his mind off thoughts of making love to Riley. Of what the first time together would be like.

Riley couldn’t know about his internal conflict as she continued to talk. “Yeah, I guess they are different. I still hope she says yes.”

He smiled at her optimism. “Careful. Your romantic side is showing.”

She lifted one shoulder. “That’s okay. It’s only you here. I’ll play the tough stock contractor with the heart of steel tomorrow.”

He gave her shoulder a squeeze. The fact she felt she could show him a part of herself she couldn’t show others warmed him inside. “Close your eyes. The rest of the guys will be here tomorrow, and believe me, you’re gonna need all your energy to deal with them.”

“Nah. I know you’ll deal with them for me.” Her voice sounded dreamy as she sank heavier against him, but all Skeeter could think about was how much trust and faith she’d already placed in him. He’d do whatever it took to live up to her expectations. There was no way he was going to let her down.

“Skeeter?” She surprised him by speaking. She’d been silent for long enough after her pronouncement of her faith in him that he’d thought she might have drifted off.


“I liked our kiss.”

Skeeter smiled. “I liked it too.”

He felt her relax against him again. Her breathing slowed until it became a steady, deep rhythm. All the while, he tensed beside her. He’d never wanted a woman this much.

Damn. Sleep wouldn’t come easy for him tonight. Not with Riley on his mind. Definitely not with her pressed against him, waking parts of his body he wished would go back to sleep, at least for now.



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“THROWN, a story of a young couple striving against all odds to find love and fulfillment, is heart-warming and a wonderful tale of a young man working towards his life-long passion. THROWN by Cat Johnson is well-written and is guaranteed to keep the reader glued to every page.” ~Fresh Fiction

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Meet me in Las Vegas this week! And a Rafflecopter Contest!


Rider Relief FuncTomorrow, at the crack of dawn, I head to Las Vegas, Nevada for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Finals. My schedule is packed, but I’m taking two bathing suits and hoping to leave this chilly 30 degree New York weather and lounge by the pool at the Luxor for at least a few hours on Wednesday or Thursday. Of course there’s bull riding events–for the cowboys, not for me– daily Wednesday through Sunday.Then there’s the Rider Relief Fund luncheon (tickets required) on Friday, my appearance at the Rider Relief Fund booth in the Fan Zone at Mandalay Bay from 11-2 Saturday and a book signing at Barnes and Noble right after the competition on Sunday. Monday crack of dawn, tired but happy I’m sure, I’ll head back to New York.

banner pbr finals

If you’re in Vegas and around any of those locations, please stop by and say hello. I’d love to meet you. If by chance when you see me I happen to have a drink in one hand and a cowboy in the other just remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!  😉



And while I’m away having fun, I’m not about to leave you hanging so some of my fellow authors and I who all have releases on the 29th are having a Rafflecopter giveaway (click the embedded link to enter). Celebrate releases by Mari Carr, Kelly Jamieson and me all hitting Oct 29th with the rafflecopter contest (running now) and daily blog posts on all three of our blogs (starting Oct 27th).

Classic Romance Tropes: the older brother’s best friend

I was thoroughly enjoying procrastinating my work to read this blog post on Confessions of a Romance Reader when it nudged me into finally writing a post of my own that I’ve been putting off doing.

I’ve blogged about classic themes in romance before–the marriage of convenience, opposites attract, and enemies to lovers. But there are a few more themes I find myself turning to again and again in my own writing, and one is the older brother’s best friend and/or best friend’s little sister.

You know the stories. The plots have been written and rewritten… Younger sister has a lifelong crush on her older brother’s best friend but he sees her as a kid. Younger sister of the hero’s best friend is suddenly all grown up, but she’s off limits out of respect for his friend so he fights his own attraction. The conflict is inherent in the plot and makes the story even juicier.

I must like this trope a lot, because look how many of my stories employ a variation of it!


Bucked (Studs in Spurs series)- Sage grows up with a crush on the neighbor boy who ends up dating her older sister before leaving home. Years later when Mustang is home recuperating from a bull riding injury, that sister is married with a kid, but Sage is available.

Cole (Red, Hot & Blue series) – Cole’s best friend Bobby’s little sister Lizzie has grown up in the years he’s been away at college, and he definitely notices.

Cowboy Shuffle (Texas Two-Step series) – Shooter isn’t attracted to his best friend Wes’s sister Ellen, so why the hell is he having dreams about her? And taking off a day of work to tend to her sick horse?

Flanked (Studs in Spurs) – Silver is the sister of Garret’s good friend and travel buddy Aaron so theoretically, she should be off limits. Right? Too bad she doesn’t think so. And neither does certain parts of Garret’s body.

Two Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights series) and Three Weeks with a Bull Rider (Oklahoma Nights)- Tara Jenkins has been in love with her brother Tuck’s older friend Logan forever, but he looks at her like she’s a child and now he’s interested in another woman–Tuck’s wife’s sister, Emma. Then there is Tuck’s bull rider friend Jace. He’s just an ass and an idiot in Tara’s opinion, but he’s also the only option she has when she needs a ride to the rodeo for the next three weeks. Will the close confines show a side of Jace she didn’t know existed?

Readers, what say you? Is this timeless trope a classic for a reason? Do you like it?

It’s finally here! Get ready to be all tied up by FLANKED

Release day has finally arrived!

Here’s what the REVIEWERS have said so far about FLANKED…

“Smart, sassy and intensely sexy…unbridled entertainment from start to finish” RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“a smoking hot book that I couldn’t put down…This is book five and you better believe I’m gonna find the rest.” A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

“plenty of hot action and amazing chemistry…” The Book Reading Gals, Grade: A

“tangible and indepth…Readers will be inspired to find the first four books in the series.” The Library Journal

READERS, what do you say? What do you think of Garret and Silver? Haven’t read it yet? Here’s an excerpt… Enjoy!



Copyright © 2012 Cat Johnson
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

“You guys dressed?” Aaron’s voice came through the door.

“Yup. Come on in.” Skeeter jumped up from the bed and actually wet his hand with his tongue and ran it over his hair. Garret shook his head and waited for the door to open to see what, or rather who, had Skeeter acting like this.

He didn’t have long to wait. Aaron and—holy crap—his hot-as-hell sister were in the doorway the next moment and Garret understood why the Aussies had run off the road when they got a look at her. If she looked this hot standing in a cheap hotel room, he could only imagine what she looked like straddling a Harley. Her thighs spread wide. The powerful machine between them.

Garret glanced at Skeeter to make sure the kid wasn’t watching his reaction since he was pretty sure his jaw had dropped when he saw her. He needn’t have worried because Skeeter only had eyes for her.

From the top of her head to the tips of her black biker boots, this chick was so not what Garret had expected. Her short dark hair, cut to frame her heart-shaped face, was tousled and messy, likely from the helmet. It made her appear as if she’d just rolled out of bed, but in a sexy rather than sleepy way. Then there were the black leather pants that stretched across her wide hips while pinching in at her tiny waist. He mentally willed her to turn around because he was sure the back view of her ass in those snug pants would be even better than the front view.

Aaron brought her a step farther into the room. He glanced at his sister, not that Garret could see any resemblance between this babe and dorky Aaron, but whatever. “This is Garret and Skeeter.” Aaron pointed to each in turn. “And this is my sister S—”

“Silver.” She didn’t let Aaron finish. Rather, she took a step forward and extended her hand to Skeeter.

When she could finally get her hand back from Skeeter, who pumped it happily while grinning, she stepped to Garret. Silver had a good firm grasp to go along with her other firm assets, both front and back—but they were all attached to a fellow rider’s sister. He had to keep that in mind.

Garret stoically kept his gaze off her leather-clad legs and her cleavage peeking out of the top of her shirt and instead noticed her violet-blue eyes, the color so unbelievably intense he frowned. “Are those colored contact lenses?”

“Uh, no. All mine, just like his.” She laughed and hooked a thumb in Aaron’s direction.

“Oh. Yeah. Um, nice to meet you.” Crap. A girl’s eyes could be his downfall, even without the rest of the package being so enticing. Garret glanced over and saw Aaron frowning at him, and noticed he did have almost the same color eyes. Funny Garrett had never noticed that before, or how angry Aaron could look when his dark brows pulled down low and unhappily over his eyes. Shit, time to change the subject. “Uh, so we all going out now or what?”

Aaron screwed up his mouth. “Maybe. And maybe Silver and I will just hang here. Maybe she’s tired.”

“I’m not tired. I’m up for anything.”

“Great.” Skeeter stepped forward, looking excited at the prospect. “Where are we going?”

Now that Skeeter had a fake ID so he could get into bars that required proof of twenty-one or over, he was always up for a night out. But Garret had a feeling it wasn’t the prospect of going out that had Skeeter excited tonight. It was definitely Silver. The kid hadn’t taken his eyes off her or stopped smiling since she’d arrived in the room. If Skeeter had been a puppy, his tail would be wagging.

Aaron raised a brow. “Don’t get too excited. Choices around here are pretty slim. It’ll probably be an early night.”

Garret wasn’t sure if the warning tone in Aaron’s voice was for him or Skeeter, or both.

“We’ll find somewhere, I’m sure. I’m just gonna go change. Be right back.” Silver turned, waltzing that heart-shaped ass through the door between their bedrooms.

When she disappeared from view, Garret could finally wrestle his focus back, though the memory of those rounded leather-clad globes of hers remained. He realized the room had gone very quiet. He glanced at Skeeter and found him looking dazed. Then he dared a look at Aaron and found his face screwed up into a scowl.

“I’ll go get my keys.” With one more unhappy-looking glance sent in their direction, Aaron turned and went back to his room, slamming the connecting door shut behind him.

“Told ya sisters are off limits.” Garret looked at Skeeter.

“He’ll get over it.” Skeeter shrugged and turned toward his duffle bag. “Maybe I should change clothes before we go out.”

Garret shook his head at Skeeter, knowing exactly why he was reconsidering what he was wearing. That reason was currently in the next room peeling leather off her hot little body.

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