From the Author

Task Force Zeta featured in the Red, Hot & Blue series was based on the real life Task Force 145, formed by the Pentagon in 2003 from men from Delta Force, Rangers, SEALs and British SAS. They were responsible for taking out Al-Zarqawi in 2006. TREY, JACK, JIMMY, BULL, MATT and THE COMMANDER were based on this special task force, their practices, and philosophies. From an ABC news article in 2006: “Task Force 145 uses a process that they call the unblinking eye, which is essentially a very tight linkage between intelligence and operations, meaning that as soon as they have intelligence they want to act on it, rather than sit and dwell on it for days at a time,” said Sean Naylor, who reported a piece on TF 145 for the Army Times.”

Trey (Red Hot & Blue, Book 1) Jack Red Hot & Blue Book 2 Jimmy

BULL (Red Hot & Blue series) Cat Johnson Military Romance Matt (Red, Hot & Blue series) Cat Johnson (military romance) The Commander (Red Hot & Blue) Cat Johnson

In the books A FEW GOOD MEN, MODEL SOLDIER and A PRINCE AMONG MEN, the series took a turn as I focused on the boots on the ground–Army infantry, tankers, ground pounders, based on the real life deployments of my Army consultant in Ramadi and the border provinces of Afghanistan.

A Few Good Men Model Soldier (a Red, Hot & Blue erotic military romance novel) A Prince Among Men

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