Midnight Ride (Midnight Cowboys, #1)

Midnight RideOne bucking bronco…

Oklahoma ranch hand Tyler Jenkins is too young, too sexy, and too damn wild to be tied down by any single woman—for more than a few steamy hours…

One hard-working widow…

Widowed rancher Janie Smithwick is too busy paying off her debts to play rodeo with a reckless young cowboy like Tyler—no matter how hot he gets her…

One midnight ride they’ll never forget…

As a rule, Janie should be dating a man her own age, like her handsome neighbor Rohn—not the twenty-four-year old ranch hand he employs. But once Tyler gets Janie alone—held tight in his arms, pressed against his hard muscled body, burning with desire—the widow realizes that some rules, like broncos, are meant to be broken…

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Mass Market Paperback & eBook April 28, 2015Tyler Quote from MIDNIGHT RIDE Cat Johnson

Unedited Sneak Peek

There were times when a man should stay and fight, and there were times when it was wiser to cut and run. It was clear to Tyler this was the latter.

Shoving the woman he’d been kissing just moments before out of the way, he clamped his hat lower on his head, and took off at a sprint as her bruiser of a fiancé followed him.

Cowboy boots weren’t meant for running, but Tyler managed it. He sure had incentive. Avoiding being pummeled into the ground by a jealous fiancé served as fine inspiration. He knew the truck was unlocked, but he didn’t have the keys to start the engine. Colton had those with him inside the bar. Tyler wasn’t about to lock himself inside a truck he couldn’t flee in. Not with an angry lunatic hot on his tail, so he kept running.

The terrain worked in his favor, as did the darkness as Tyler crashed into the woods off the side of the parking lot. Branches whacked into him as he dodged between them. He twisted an ankle when one foot landed on a rock, but he kept going, limping in a half run. A pine bough caught him across the face, blinding him as he squeezed the injured eye tight and the tears began to flow. Still, he forged ahead. His life depended on it.

The woods broke into a clearing and Tyler realized he was behind the lumberyard right off the main road in town. He slowed to a fast walk when he hit the concrete and glanced around him.

He needed to get somewhere safe and tend to the eye that hurt like hell and was still tearing up. And he needed to zip his jeans and refasten the belt buckle the girl had undone, all while she’d kept to herself that one important detail—that the fiancé she was mad at was working the door of the bar. That would have been good information for Tyler to have. He also needed to make sure his cell phone hadn’t fallen out of the back pocket of his jeans so he could call Colton to come and rescue him. But before any of that, he had to make sure the man in hot pursuit hadn’t followed this far.

A crash in the woods behind him, followed by a loud cuss, told him the lunatic hadn’t given up yet. Damn, but this guy was persistent.

Tyler took off running again, though at this point it was more of a fast hobble. He had to hide. A pick-up truck parked in the lot in front of him provided his only hope. He should just take the truck and drive away. It wouldn’t be stealing. He’d only be borrowing it. He could bring it back as soon as life and limb were no longer in jeopardy, but he didn’t know if the owner had left the key inside and he couldn’t waste precious seconds checking.

Maybe it was dark enough that if he laid flat and still in the back, he might not be seen. But if the guy looked closely and saw him hiding, he’d be a sitting duck.

It was a chance he was going to have to take.

Running out of time, he sprinted to the back of the truck, planted both hands on the tailgate and vaulted into the bed. When he landed inside, he knew his luck was holding. There was a big green tarp in the bottom of the truck bed. He flipped it over him and held his breath, trying to move as little as possible to not rustle the thick plastic covering him.

While he waited to be discovered, or not, he figured praying couldn’t hurt. Silently, he vowed that if he got out of this night unscathed, he’d never make out with a stranger in a bar again.

As his heart pounded, he heard heavy footsteps in the lot, and then a few more loud cusses and what sounded like a bear—or a really big man—crashing back through the trees.

Long minutes ticked by in silence, and the crazed fiancé didn’t come back to whip the tarp off him and beat him to a pulp. Against all odds, he might just be safe. Out of the woods, literally.

In light of that, Tyler decided to add a small amendment to the deal he’d made with God. It would probably be all right to hook up with girls he met in a bar. However, he would be sure to ask them if they had a boyfriend, or any kind of significant other before he kissed them and let them unbuckle his pants.

Satisfied that was a promise he could live with, and hopeful that the guy had given up the chase, he was about to take a peek to see if the coast really was clear when he heard footsteps heading toward the truck.

It sounded like two people walking. They hadn’t come from the direction of the woods, but rather from the building. He was most likely safe from being maimed by his pursuer, but he definitely was not in any position to be socializing with anyone. His jeans still hung wide open, his eye remained squeezed shut, and he was hiding under a tarp in a stranger’s truck.

It wasn’t as if he could pop up and say hey, but he also couldn’t stay hidden. If the owner of the truck drove away, who knew where he could end up.

Tyler was weighing his limited options when he heard a female voice say, “Hang on. Let me move this and then you can slide it right inside.”

He lay helpless as she whipped the tarp to the side and exposed him to the beam of the parking lot light. At the sight of him, she screamed and jumped back.

Truth be told, he nearly screamed too. He scrambled to sit up, before he realized he might not want to be sitting up. He still wasn’t convinced the scorned fiancé had really gone.

“Hey, Tyler.” There was amusement in the male voice that came from his left.

Still partially blinded, Tyler turned his head to the side to see a guy he’d gone to high school with standing next to the truck and grinning as he balanced a fence post on his shoulder.

Hell of a time for a high school reunion. Not having much choice, Tyler tipped his head in greeting. “Hey, Jed.”

“You know him?” the woman asked.

“I do.” Jed grinned wider. “Don’t worry. He might not look it right now, but he’s harmless.”

She let out a breath and held her hand to her chest. A fall of dark hair brushed her shoulders as her gaze swung from Jed to Tyler. “You scared the hell out of me. What are you doing under there?”

“Um, it’s a long story.” Sitting up, Tyler glanced at the woods and decided to take his chances with the crazed bouncer rather than look like more of a fool by continuing to lie in this woman’s truck bed. He pulled himself all the way upright and went to work fastening the open fly of his jeans.

“Oh, don’t worry, Ty. We have the time to hear your explanation, no matter how long it is. I’m sure it will be worth it.” Jed grinned.

Jed hadn’t missed the fact Tyler’s pants were hanging wide enough to expose his underwear. Neither had the woman. Tyler saw her bite her lip to control a smile as she averted her eyes.

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