Olympus ~ Love’s Immortal Passion Bundle

Olympus - Love's Immortal PassionOLYMPUS


Four stories of the naughty immortals of Mt. Olympus

Welcome to Mt. Olympus, where erotic pleasures reign supreme and the ancient Greek gods engage in games that have no rules.


In vino veritas… The very wine that brings Dionysus his true love, also takes her from him. Will he interfere in the affairs of mortals to get Ariadne back, or will Theseus, his rival for her affections, betray the woman who saved him? Sometimes love is a labyrinth all its own.


Welcome to Mt. Olympus, where erotic pleasures reign supreme and the ancient Greek gods engage in games that have no rules. When the lowly muse Erato is unwittingly used as a pawn in Aphrodite and Eros’s vengeful quest against Apollo, can he emerge the winner of their battle? More importantly, will he lose his heart to the unsuspecting nymph Acantha in the process?

Eros’s Valentine

When the god of love and sexual desire finds himself bored with both, can a Valentine’s Day trip to the mortal realm and one woman cure him of his malaise and remind him of passions long forgotten?


Psyche, Adelfa, and Bliss. Three beautiful sisters. Upon gazing at Psyche’s beauty, Eros, the God of Love, demands she be brought to his bed. Psyche has her own feelings about whose bed she’d rather be brought to, and it’s not that of the mysterious being who summons her. Led by Bliss, the three sisters hatch a deception. The truth will be revealed in the end, but will they all survive it?

These titles were originally published as part of the Love’s Immortal Pantheon series, and are now being rereleased as a single author anthology.

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REVIEWS of the original release of Love’s Immortal Pantheon Vol. 1:

“Mythology is the inspiration for this collection, which resonates with lust, love and liaisons… fresh takes on the gods, portraying them as flawed individuals with the same desires as the mortals they hunger for.  Their randy love-play, include menages and orgies, makes for a titilating read.” Romantic Times 4 Stars

“This collection of stories depicting the Gods of Olympus was a very erotic and arousing escapade into Greek and Roman mythology. Every story captured my interest and piqued my curiosity into the mysterious gods and their sexual adventures in hopes of capturing the love that would last an eternity.” Bitten by Books

“…endearing, fast paced, humorous, memorable and incorporate everything I’ve always found so intriguing about the ancient gods and how flawed they really were.  If you’re looking for a fun read that encompasses several different genres while still involving Greek gods and goddesses then this is the book for you.” Romance Junkies

Approximately 41,000 words

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