COWBOY LUST ~ multi-author anthology


Cowboy Lust ~ A multi-author print anthology of hot cowboy shorts from Cleis Press and 15 of your favorite authors, edited by Delilah Devlin with a forward by Lorelei James.

Includes the contemporary erotic cowboy short “Ladies Love Country Boys” by Cat Johnson

Trade Paperback:

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Night Owl Romance Reviewers Top Pick

“Wow!!! What a great collection of stories. I couldn’t find a single one that I didn’t love. From contemporary to historical, each was perfect and a terrific way to find some new authors to read.”

Teri, 4.5 stars A Night Owl Romance  Reviewers Top Pick



Fate and car trouble lead a workaholic city girl into the arms of a rodeo cowboy


She looked over the railing and down at the dirt-covered arena. The announcer’s voice echoed over the crowd, informing the cheering attendees of a score she didn’t understand the significance of.

It was the view that really grabbed her attention. Her gaze settled on a line of cowboys. They sat on the top of a rail, facing the arena and laughing as they watched a man dressed in clown makeup dancing to the music that had just started playing. The buffet of jeans-clad butts and chaps was entrancing. Julia took another sip of beer, but it couldn’t quench the particular thirst the view caused deep inside.

Who knew she had a cowboy fetish? Certainly not her. Then again, when had she ever had opportunity to see so many up close and personal? Never.

Amid the group, one man glanced away from the action and up toward Julia. From beneath the cowboy hat, his gaze met and held hers. She swallowed hard, suddenly dry-mouthed in spite of the beer.

Speaking of up close and personal… She wouldn’t mind getting that way with him.

She’d been caught staring, but try as she might Julia couldn’t break eye contact. In fact, she might have forgotten to breathe for a bit.

He smiled, making him look both devilish and amused. It sent her heart fluttering. When he winked at her, her knees nearly buckled. Then he hopped down from the railing and she lost sight of him.

She pressed closer to the rail, bobbing her head to see past the row of cowboys closing around her tall, dark and handsome hottie. There was lots of movement, but all she saw was the top of his black hat.

What was going on down there inside that tiny railed-in enclosure? More importantly, when would it be over so she could get back to ogling her newest fantasy man? Julia didn’t have a clue, and the announcer’s babble about chutes and numbers and percentages wasn’t answering her questions either.

Frustrated, in more ways than one, Julia took another sip of beer. She nearly choked mid-swallow when the gate of the enclosure crashed open and her cowboy bolted out atop a bucking, spinning—not to mention huge and horned—bull.