A Few Good Men (a Red, Hot, & Blue Novel) Contemporary Military Romance

He has met the enemy…but he’s never fought desire like this. 

Deployed in the deadliest place on earth, Army Staff Sergeant John Blake relies on caffeine, adrenaline, years of training and sheer force of will to get through his days. He has no problem with his tank crew passing around a sexy romance novel, but John’s a fighter, not a lover. He’ll pass. Winding up as the author’s accidental pen pal wasn’t in his plan, but there’s something about her sweet, caring emails that has him looking forward to checking his inbox.

Week after week, Maureen Mullen, aka erotic romance writer Summer Winters, has dated one loser after another in a quest to find the last decent man on earth. Now it seems she’s found him—halfway around the world. When it comes to falling for unavailable men, she’s batting a thousand.

Gradually, the emails between the war-hardened warrior and the writer of passionate prose heat up to the point of keeping them up warm and wanting at night. Soon they’re wondering if it’s possible to build something solid out of cyberspace, or if it’s just an emotional mirage that will dissolve in the heat of reality.

Warning: Contains some steamy phone calls from the war zone and one hell of a sexy first meeting between two strangers who are already in love.  (a 51,800 word novel)

In eBook & Paperback

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“A Few Good Men was an amazing read…Maureen and John are really well written characters with an enjoyable storyline. The secondary characters are well written too…The dialogue is great. There is plenty of emotion in this story and I liked the way that it was built. It was all very realistic. The sex is fairly explicit but not frequent at all because of the storyline. There was definitely emotion involved by the time that Maureen and John had sex.”  A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS TOP PICK

A BlackRaven Reviews Recommended Read

“I enjoyed the sense of humor Ms. Johnson injected into the dialogue between comrades, and the setting in Iraq is portrayed with the seriousness and danger our troops endure every day, which gave the story more depth for me and I am certain it will do the same for other readers. Ms Johnson’s plot is as hefty as her characters and the resolution.” Naunet, BlackRaven’s Reviews

“A Few Good Men is filled with suspense, humor and an erotic passion that will have a smile on your face as the last page is turned.” Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

“This is a definite must read. You’re sure to fall in love with the story between John and Maureen just as I did!” Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

” A fitting tribute to our military men and women and those who support and love them, A Few Good Men hits that sweet spot with a sexy, long distance romance between a jaded soldier and an even more jaded but hopeful erotic romance writer… Readers will not be disappointed – this author knows how to spin tension with humor and sweetness with the right touch of spice! The characters themselves, both main and secondary, are so very real and human, it is easy to forget you are reading a book… In fact, it is easy to become as obsessed with the building romance between Maureen and John as the pair are with one another.”  Guilty Indulgences

“I loved the scenes between John and the soldiers in his command, and I liked all the scenes where they were teasing each other or going out on assignment – Johnson writes some very tense action in this book. Seeing their patrols from John’s perspective was suspenseful and a bit nervewracking at times. I liked John and I read closely every scene he was in…” Sarah, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

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2 responses to “A Few Good Men (a Red, Hot, & Blue Novel) Contemporary Military Romance

  1. Like the series, but I really loved this book. Huge story and lots of great characters (for which you now have to write about). I like the longer story and I liked that we got to revisit some previous characters. The whole story was very real. Well done!

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