The Big Secret is Revealed…


The BILLIONAIRE BAD BOY SERIES from Cat Johnson writing as Carrie Lane

Cat Haus Complete StoryBefore Cate Billionaire Bad Boys by Cat Johnson

He’s a billionaire. She’s a hooker. Things are bound to get interesting…

Cat Haus ~ The Complete Story (Parts I, II, III) as told from Cate’s Point of View

Before Cate ~ John’s Story as told from John’s Point of View

I’m sure there are questions so let’s begin….

Cat Johnson writing as Carrie Lane? Why the separate name?

Well, a certain author friend of mine who is usually dead on when it comes to publishing advice convinced me that readers were tired with the ‘old’ authors they’d been reading for awhile. (Grande dames like Nora Roberts aside.) Since my romance name was born in 2006, and publishing years are like dog years, I would technically be one of those old names readers were tired of. I personally didn’t believe what she did, that ‘new’ authors were supposedly coming out of the blue and making huge splashes on best seller lists solely because of the novelty of being ‘new’. There are far too many other factors at play in this business that dictate success or failure.

I will admit there is something to be said for the apparent trend that bloggers like to be the one to discover “new” authors and will throw all of their social media weight behind them. I’ve watched it happen more than once. In reality, quite a few of those new names are really veterans of this industry undercover. Sorry, but true. But yes, some actually were new and ripe to be ‘discovered’ when their hired publicity company handed out 2,000 hand targeted ARCs to insure 600 4 & 5 star reviews and a ton of buzz on release day. That is what made those new authors originally hit big. Of course they have to have a quality product to get readers to buy book 2 and then book 3, but taking a chance on an unknown author and book, the willingness to buy book 1 is usually all about the buzz, which drives the rank, which increases the discoverability.

Anyway, in May of 2013 I figured what the hell? I’ll give a new pen name in a different genre a try as a grand experiment. It doesn’t take all that long to write 20K words, compared to the 80K word tomes I’ve been writing for Kensington so it felt like a worthwhile endeavor that wouldn’t cost me much in time or money. And it was. I loved writing in first person. And after years of trying to avoid slut shaming by reasoning away why my heroine in my romance name books would dare to have a one night stand with the hero (because you know that never happens in real life *snort*), it was freeing writing a no-holds-barred, no apologies heroine. She’s a hooker. There’s no question she’s having sex and yeah, she enjoys it. So what? Most days I enjoy my job too. Not all days though.

So, Carrie Lane was born, my erotica pen name because this series was meant to be truly erotica. But apparently I am incapable of that. The more I wrote, the more romance crept in, until there was the L-word and romance and an HEA and all that crap I thought I wasn’t going to write for this series. But it was good and of the handful of reviews I got for my unknown name, a large number were 5 star raves. Readers really seemed to like Carrie Lane’s characters, story, and voice.

Why then did I deem this experiment a failure?

For one, I don’t have the time or energy to devote to build that pen name. Getting FB Likes, Twitter followers, blog and newsletter sign-ups, takes time. New releases drive back list sales, and I didn’t have time to write fast enough to keep Carrie alive and well. A second pen name demanded time I didn’t have if I wanted to keep building Cat Johnson, the pen name that had contract obligations. The name that pays the bills.

Reason two, I tried to get creative with the title and series name. I started with Cat Haus, the Working Girls series. A year later I changed it to the Billionaire and the Hooker series.  I lowered the prices. I made book 1 in the trilogy free. I moved the series into Select and hoped for exposure through Kindle Unlimited borrows. Nothing. Carrie Lane was too far beneath the radar, so poorly ranked, with so few reviews, Amazon’s algorithms didn’t even pick me up. Discoverability will make or break an author. Lack of it broke Carrie Lane.

Meanwhile, Cat Johnson was hitting lists right and left. Top 100 in Amazon, the New York Times bestseller list twice. The USA Today bestseller list 5 times, twice with individual titles, one of those a self published novella. Carrie couldn’t even get bloggers to read and review her. Bloggers who publicly love Cat, wouldn’t give Carrie the time of day. It was frustrating. Like beating my head against the wall.

I’m done experimenting. I write for many reasons, chief among those reasons is because I want readers to read my stuff. I’m also a full time working writer. I support myself and my husband, I pay my bills with what I make in royalties, and having a series that I truly believe has potential wallow in obscurity making a handful of sales a month is insane.

Now, a warning. This series is hot and I don’t mean hot as in ripe with unfulfilled sexual tension.

Though not technically erotica because there is too much romance in it, it’s still dirty. Let me reiterate this again. If you don’t like the words fuck, or pussy, or clit, or cock, don’t read it. If you don’t want to see a hooker heroine doing things with men and women, sometimes in multitudes, don’t read it. If you have issues with oral, anal, rape fantasies, public sex, or pegging, don’t read it. It is because of all of this content that I left the name Carrie Lane on the books. I don’t want a new-to-me reader who discovered Cat Johnson through my best selling Hot SEALs series to expect the same level of heat as in those books.

This series is closer to the heat in my self published Educating Ansley and my early Samhain threesomes, such as Rough Stock, Unridden and Bucked. If you can handle those, you’ll enjoy Cat Johnson writing as Carrie Lane.

Are there 2 books? Are there 3? Are there 5? Yes to all…

I wrote the first 20,000 word Cat Haus part 1 (in first person from the heroine’s point of view) knowing I would write 2 more novellas to continue the story arc. Later, I released Cat Haus part 2 at 20,800 words and then months after that the 27,200 word Cat Haus part 3. At that point I bundled the three parts together into one complete novel-length story (at 67,250 words), but I also left the three individual novellas available for sale. Earlier this year I wrote Before Cate, the hero’s backstory and the romance from his first person point of view (46,500 words).

So readers have many options. They can get part 1 for 99 cents and then buy / read parts 2 and 3 later, or get all three in one with the Complete story at a significant savings over buying the 3 individual parts. Wondering what John was thinking and what are the secrets from his past Cate doesn’t find out during her book? Then you can grab Before Cate.

   Cat Haus Part 1 Cat Johnson Carrie LaneCat Haus 2 Billionaire Bad Boys Cat Haus 3 Billionaire Bad Boys series by Cat Johnson Carrie LaneCat Haus Complete StoryBefore Cate Billionaire Bad Boys by Cat Johnson


Cat Haus (Part I)  (approx 20K words, 99 cents)

Cat Haus 2 (Part II) (approx 21K words, $2.99)

Cat Haus 3 (Part III) (approx 27K words, $2.99)

Cat Haus – The Complete Story (Parts I, II, III) (approx 67K, words, $3.99)

Before Cate (John’s Story) (approx 47K words, $2.99)

What’s next for this series?

Side characters who deserve their own story, as they often do, have presented themselves. I have plans for a story for Carrie’s favorite client Ty, and also for John’s brother-in-law, Brady, time permitting because as I said, Cat Johnson pays the bills and it has yet to be seen if Carrie Lane can pull her weight now that I’ve let her out of the closet as my alter ego and have chosen to change the series title one more time, to what I hope is a more searchable and keyword friendly Billionaire Bad Boy series name. We will see. Either way, it’s been a hell of an experiment and a learning experience all around.

Cat Haus Paperback

AND yes, for you who like to hold a book in your hand, both Cat Haus ~the Complete Story and Before Cate ~John’s Story will be made available in paperback. Cat Haus is available in print now. Before Cate is coming in print soon.


Cat Johnson aka Carrie Lane



Go, Cowboys! Ooh Rah!

My life is pretty damn surreal and amazing, if I do say so myself.

In the course of researching and writing 50+ books over the  past 9 years or so, I’ve met some pretty fabulous people, from cowboys, to military, to restauranteurs, who provide me with inspiration and fodder for my stories.

Sometimes, all of those folks collide. And sometimes I get really cool stuff too! Case in point… the lovely folks I met from Oklahoma through Joseph’s Fine Foods in Drumright while researching my cowboy book set at OSU in Stillwater through one of my Army contacts who was then a student there. Add to that one of my old USMC contacts who happened to be a door gunner on a CH-53 and deployed to Afghanistan and you’ve got the makings of a really cool freaking story of how in 2013 a romance writer from NY ordered an OSU Cowboys Pistol Pete flag from Amazon and shipped it to Camp Bastion to be flown in a helicopter appropriately called a ‘Super Stallion” over the Helmand Province during combat operations for Operation Enduring Freedom. The crew reportedly ‘had a little excitement’ during that flight.

Hand to God, it’s all the truth. I’ve got the documentation and the flag and the pictures to prove it. With that, I am proud to wish the OSU Cowboys all the luck in the world this Saturday in their game against Iowa State. It’s a lucky flag. That helo crew can attest to it. 🙂

The OSU Flag aboard  a USMC CH-53 over Afghanistan

The OSU Flag aboard a USMC CH-53 over Afghanistan

The flag & certificate signed by the crew -Aircraft Commander, Co-pilot, Tail Gunner and 2 Door Gunners.

The flag & certificate signed by the crew -Aircraft Commander, Co-pilot, Tail Gunner and 2 Door Gunners.

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Iowa State Cyclones

New eRelease: Champion (Studs in Spurs)


Champion (Studs in Spurs)

Cooper Holbrook… Champion bull rider, alpha male, damaged hero, bad boy with a heart of gold. You met him in Skeeter’s book, Thrown (Studs in Spurs). Skeeter’s mother, Hannah, met him as well. CHAMPION is Cooper and Hannah’s love story. Download the eBook now at AMAZONBN and ARe.  Paperback coming in 2015.

Buckle Bunnies & Beer Cowboy Quote

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Champion Studs in Spurs Cat Johnson romance novels

CHAMPION (Studs in Spurs) by Cat Johnson

Sometimes you have to lose everything to make room for what really matters.

Ten years ago, Cooper Holbrook was a player when it came to women, and he knew it. Well enough that he took one look at the hero worship in Hannah Anderson’s eyes, and nipped it in the bud. She was no buckle bunny, and he wasn’t the man for her or her young son.

The years have caught up with the former champion bull rider. At forty, he’s got nothing left but a broken-down ranch to go with the friendless, near penniless, broken man he’s become.

Hannah has carried a flame for Cooper since the moment the stubborn cowboy took her son on as a bull riding student. Way back then, she saw the good man beneath the bad- boy exterior. Now she’s finally going to do something about her feelings. Cooper might think his life is over, but Hannah sees more for him—for them, together. And she’s not giving up until he sees it too.

Warning: Contains a decade’s worth of pent-up sexual tension charging out of the chute!

Get Champion in eBook NOW at:  AMAZON     BN     ARe   KOBO  iBOOKS

Paperback coming in 2015


October Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

In anticipation of the September 30th release of Champion, my next in the Studs in Spurs professional bull rider series, I bring you this month’s desktop calendar wallpaper. Enjoy! And feel free to share.Oct calendar wallpaper

Download with October calendar

Download without calendar

Hot guy desktop wallpaper

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September Wrap-Up: Hot SEALs, Cowboys & Bestsellers

September has been a hell of a month! Going in I knew it would be crazy, but little did I know what surprises this month would hold. Here’s the wrap up in pictures…

USA Today #105 Bestseller

Saved by a SEAL hit the USA Today bestseller list!

Night With A SEAL Audio

My narrator finished the audiobook of Night with a SEAL and it’s available at Audible, Amazon & iTunes!

Fans from Canada to Georgia and everywhere in between have emailed pics of the the mass market paperback of One Night with a Cowboy shelved in Walmart, Sam's Club & BN.

Fans from Canada to Georgia and everywhere in between took pics of the mass market paperback of my USA Today bestseller One Night with a Cowboy in Walmart, Sam’s Club & Barnes & Noble.

Hot SEALs Audiobook

I hired Craig Jessen to begin the audiobook of the USA Today bestselling Saved by a SEAL in the Hot SEALs series.

SEALed at Midnight Hot SEALs by Cat Johnson

I added an eBook-only short novella to the Hot SEALs line-up. SEALed at Midnight is on preorder at Amazon for a December eRelease. It will be available at every digital venue Dec 16th.

Saved by a SEAL (Hot SEALs Book 3) Cat Johnson

Kissed by a SEAL is on preorder at iBooks. It will be available in eBook and paperback at all available venues by March 17.


I finished edits on Midnight Cowboy (Midnight Ride) for the April release from Kensington. For fans of the Oklahoma Nights series, you'll be happy to know this is the story for Tuck and Tara's brother, Tyler. 

I finished edits on Midnight Ride  for an April print/ebook release. For fans of the Oklahoma Nights series this is the story for Tuck and Tara’s brother, Tyler Jenkins.

Coming Soon From Samhain Publishing .com

I contracted the next two Studs in Spurs professional bull rider books with Samhain. I’m writing Aaron’s story now for a 2015 release.

New eBook & Paperback Release: Saved by a SEAL (the Hot SEALs series) by Cat Johnson

The wait is finally over! My Hot SEAL Zane from SAVED BY A SEAL is available for your reading pleasure in both eBook & paperback.

Saved by a SEAL Quote GraphicSAVED BY A SEAL (Hot SEALs)

Zane Alexander was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but the rebellious bad boy traded it, along with his share of the family fortune, for a Navy SEAL trident and freedom from his controlling father.

Ten years later, Zane’s teammates are depending on him to secure the startup capital they need to open their security company and he’s gambling on his skills at covert operations to get it. For a million dollars he’ll fake interest in Missy Greenwood, the Senator’s daughter his father wants him to date in exchange for the investment.

When Missy is kidnapped and Zane and his team are sent to Nigeria to rescue her, there’s no more faking it when the danger and the emotions turn very real.

Author’s NOTE: Every book in the series is a standalone love story with a different hero and heroine with their own HEA or HFN. Saved by a SEAL is a 37,600 word contemporary romance featuring a alpha male military hero, a rich girl from his past, and a friends-to-lovers romance trope.

ALSO IN THE HOT SEALS SERIES! If you love hot SEALs, don’t miss Jon’s story, Night with a SEAL (Hot SEALs #1) available now in eBook, Print and Audiobook, and Chris’s story, KISSED BY A SEAL (Hot SEALs #3) coming March 17, 2015 and on preorder at iBooks!

Special pricing! 99 cents for the eBook during release week only! ($2.99 on 9/21)

BARNES & NOBLE (NookBook & Print)    AMAZON   (eBook & Print)

AMAZON CA    AMAZON UK  (international readers check your online retailers)

also at  iBOOKSKOBO and  ARe   (eBook only)


A peek behind the curtain… Please don’t ask me about an Amazon preorder for Kissed by a SEAL (book 3) for the March release. I asked but there is a newly instituted 3 month limit. (That is only for little folks like me. This doesn’t apply to big publishers.) Barnes & Noble (Nook) doesn’t give preorders to indies for direct upload at all and I’m not inclined to go through a third-party uploader which will cost me both control and a percentage of sales. So given that, I extend a huge thanks to iBooks  for being so sweet and giving me the preorder for Kissed by a SEAL for the March release and also All Romance eBooks (ARe) who also allowed me the 6 month advance preorder.

Same Great Romance, Shiny New Covers! Sex. Lies. Wedding Cake?

Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake CollectionA wedding party gets shipwrecked on a deserted island where there’s really only one thing to do for entertainment… A maid-of-honor who poses as a stripper to spy on the groom’s bachelor party… A newly-wed bride who finds her groom in a compromising position…

See a common theme here? You do? Good for you, because it took me a few years but it finally hit me that even though these are all completely standalone stories they all contain the same elements. Sex. Lies. Weddings.  And so the SEX, LIES & WEDDING CAKE COLLECTION was born!

Still the same great romantic comedy contemporary romance stories. Still all completely standalone unconnected reads. But now all branded with new covers under the Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake collection umbrella, because a reader who enjoyed one story might want to check out the others with similar elements.

Gillian’s Island. Private Lies. New Orleans. Now part of the Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake Collection. Enjoy!

Gillians_Island Private-Lies New-Orleans

Same Great Book, New Low Price

My USA Today bestselling contemporary romance novel ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY (Oklahoma Nights, Book 1) is now available in mass market paperback!




September 2014 Hot SEALs Calendar Wallpaper

Judging by the look of the September calendar, it’s going to be a busy month with mass market, eBook and trade paperback releases for 3 different titles!

SEPTEMBER 2 – I’ll head right from Labor Day on Sept 1st, to the mass market paperback release of my USA Today bestseller ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY. Keep your eye out for it on a store shelf near you.

SEPTEMBER 16 – It feels like a long wait since NIGHT WITH A SEAL (Hot SEALs #1) released in July, but SAVED BY A SEAL (Hot SEALs #2) is almost here. If all goes well, fingers crossed, I’ll have the trade paperback and the eBook out on the same day.

SEPTEMBER 30 – Yes! CHAMPION, the next Studs in Spurs novel, will be out in eBook the end of this month!

September 2014 desktop Calendar wallpaper


Zane Saved By a SEAL Hot SEALs 2