August 2014 Hot SEALs Quote Desktop Wallpaper

Your August 2014 Desktop Wallpaper is here! Inspired by a quote from my sexy Navy SEAL Jon in NIGHT WITH A SEAL (Hot SEALs, Book 1) available now in eBook and Paperback and coming shortly in Audio, this wallpaper comes both with or without a calendar page.

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Jon Night With a SEAL Hot SEALs #1 Quote


Hot SEALs Aug 2014 Calendar


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    • Well I was kind of joking about my ‘summer vacation’ because San Antonio was far from a vacation. I flew there strictly for meetings with industry and I was going from meeting to meeting all day for three days straight. But we did wedge in the bull rides at the Dancehall and we literally walked past the Alamo for 5 minutes just to say I did and take a pic because it would have been a sin to be a block away and not see the damn thing. Luckily one of my meetings was a dinner meeting, which is where the Prickly Pear Margarita came in 🙂 Gotta fit in the recreation where we can.