NIGHT WITH A SEAL in Paperback? Yes!

Night with a SEAL paperbackYou read that right, an actual PAPERBACK! *Gasp*

I took the plunge, and took two days to make it happen, but I finally got Night with a SEAL formatted to my satisfaction for print. I was motivated to get it done because I want to take a few copies with me to the Authors After Dark Convention in August in Charlotte, NC (registration is still open for attendees for that, fyi).

The good news is that since the paperback is being sold through Amazon, my hope is that it will be available for purchase at all of the international Amazon sites. It’s already up on the US (and eligible for Prime shipping), Germany, Italy , France , Spain, and the UK , so fingers crossed it goes to the other sites as well. It is also available on Createspace .

But WAIT! It’s not out in eBook yet but it’s out in paperback? Yeah, it is and I’m hanging my head in newbie shame… I was going to release the Night with a SEAL paperback on July 22nd, the same day that the eBook will debut in the the Hot Alpha SEALs Megaset (on PREORDER now for 99 cents). Little did I know, in my inexperience with print, that when I approved the proof so I could order my copies for AAD, that would automatically list the paperback for retail sale on Amazon. They don’t mess around over there so SURPRISE guess what’s available 2 weeks early. Just in time for vacation season too, in case you need a “real book” that’s safe for the beach or the pool or the boat where eReaders fear to tread.

It’s just the paperback that’s up early. The eBook of Night with a SEAL will still be exclusive to the Hot Alpha SEALs 12 novella megaset until late August when I plan to release it as an individual eBook on all the usual retail sites (IE: BN, Smashwords, Kobo, ARe, iBooks, and Amazon).

Night with a SEAL Print  ISBN-13: 9781500425258 ISBN-10: 1500425257 

10 responses to “NIGHT WITH A SEAL in Paperback? Yes!

    • Let me do some research and see how crazy shipping would be. Alternately, what if I mailed you a signed, personalized bookplate and you could buy the book off and ship direct to your house, and then stick the bookplate from inside?

  1. I’m getting my copy from Amazon tomorrow. Can’t wait! Can’t wait! I really, really enjoy your books and they aren’t the easiest to find. 😦

  2. Cat – just wanted you to know that I left a review at and Goodreads this afternoon. Really enjoyed the story! Can’t wait to see who settles Zane down.