Barnes and Noble and the Case of the Stolen Nook

Just when you thought it was safe… BAM! more WTF-ery hits but this time, it’s not so bad for me because you know any publicity is good publicity. 😉

So here is the PDF to explain what I’m talking about.

Barnes and Noble and the case of the stolen Nook

FYI, the post on the Barnes and Noble Book Blog went up and was removed within about an hour on Friday night, but not before the romance community exploded all over Twitter and Facebook about it.

But we all know things on the internet can never totally disappear, now can they…

8 responses to “Barnes and Noble and the Case of the Stolen Nook

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  2. My response would have been, “FREE NOOK. Thank you. Thank you very much!!”

    “Lauren” should pull the sanctimonious stick out of her ass, have a Coke and a smile, buy some new batteries and enjoy her damned “purchases.”


  3. Her prejudice just reflects poorly on her not on those of us who enjoy romance. I have a Nook Simple Touch and now a Nook HD+ and the first thing I did when I set up my account was place a password on it. After all my CC could also have been used to buy movies and TV shows which is a lot more expensive.

    I’m curious why she cancelled her credit card when all she needed to do was de-register her Nook? Her actual credit card was only on the BN servers not in her device, so adding a password to her acct and de-registering should have solved her problem. Just saying 🙂

    We really should feel sorry for her since she has no idea what she is missing, especially Cat’s books.

  4. I’d bet every Romance reader out there that has an ereader has passwords on their readers, I know mine does.

    Congrats to all the Romance writers that received free publicity out of this.

    Maybe if she would have read “EDUCATING ANSLEY”, she would have been educated on why Romance is so great and we all LOVE to read it.

    I agree with Beth aka Scifibookcat, we should feel sorry for her, she does not know what she is missing.

  5. Wow, I am so jealous of the person who got her NOOK! Those are some fabulous books by some really great authors and I not only own a lot of those books but will most probably be purchasing more in the future 🙂
    And does she really expect use to believe she hides “historical fiction” in her underwear drawer? Last time I checked we hide things in our underwear drawer we don’t want other people to find (like her secret erotic fiction), lol
    She obviously is very closed minded and has never read erotica so you really cannot comment or have an educated opinion on something you have never read or tried before. Unless it really was erotica in her underwear drawer and she is just a hypocritical prude.
    Anyways thanks for screen-shot because it for us because surprise (not) B & N removed it. I do not shop B & N and prefer Amazon.
    The one thing we can thank her for though is the free promo for Romance & Erotica books that got free publicity from this however unintentional on her part 🙂

  6. I can just imagine the boys at Barnes & Noble trying to compensate for their own lack of the Alpha Male gene we all love to read about. It must be bad if they are willing to take on all of us that read and enjoy the romantic/erotic genre, and the authors that write some of our favorite books. I think it was a guy that lost his Nook. (and that was the only nooky he could get ;>) Bad joke, yes I know.

    I am glad I own a Kindle. If I lost mine, I would be able to remove my registration from it and the person that stole it would have absolutely nothing to read! Why keep it registered if you do not even have the NOOK? Then when s/he can afford a new one all her books will be transferred. The Kindle works that way, I would think the Nook would have a similar feature.

    Something about this does not sound right.