It’s July 4th! Military Gift Ideas for All!

It’s the 4th of July. The year is half over and there are only 173 Days left until Christmas!! And in the rodeo world, this holiday is also sometimes called Cowboy Christmas. So that leads me to a question… Have you started gift shopping yet? LOL

Whether the answer is yes, ma’am, or hell no, are you crazy, woman?! you all know how I like a theme, so I have compiled a list of patriotic items that I’ve purchased in the past month or so. Enjoy!

Uncle Sam Dress on Military Romance Author Cat Johnson  Inflatable Uncle Sam 


This is Uncle Sam’s holiday and boy do I have a few doozies for you! A “one-size-fits” all “dress” from China bought on eBay that was too short for even me, at not quite 5′ tall to wear as a dress, so after the picture (Above) was taken, I bunched it up around my waist and made it a tank top for the Book Obsessed Chicks Bookclub BBQ Beach Party I attended last weekend. My shirt/dress would have looked great next to my inflatable Uncle Sam I purchased on Oriental Trading .com. He was actually in the car during the party, deflated in the box, but I wasn’t on my ‘ho game that day.  FYI, for that party I carried a stars and stripe beach bag and made red, white and blue star cookies for the dessert buffet, and my swag giveaway for the goody bags was red, white & blue striped Cat Johnson logo beach balls. Told you I like a theme.

Got Heroes Cat Johnson Beach Ball


This is one of those things that nobody needs but it is so frigging cool I had to have it. It’s a real “pineapple” hand grenade (no longer operational, of course). I bought it and some flags off a website. The grenade sits proudly in my writing room. The flags are currently in Afghanistan where plans are to have them flown before they are returned to me. Cool, huh?! (The ‘secret squirrel’ patch was just for fun, a gift for one of my military consultants!) There’s one more gift I recently bought for one of my guys–a USMC bible. Small in size so it can be packed for deployment, imitation leather bound and embossed with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and his name and delivered in a gift box. It’s sold for all the branches of the service and would make a great gift for any current or former military person in your life.

Cat Johnson's Hand Grenade PaperweightUSMC Bible

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got for you so far. Not a bad start to your holiday shopping list. No?

For those celebrating, have a safe 4th of July. For all of my guys currently deployed and working a 12 hour shift today in uniform and in the heat–I love ya and I thank you for all you do.


6 responses to “It’s July 4th! Military Gift Ideas for All!

  1. hell no, are you crazy, woman?! I am trying to get my 40th birthday prep (for 17th Aug) outta the way before i even THINK about Xmas!

  2. No no shopping for me, I wait until about the 22 – 23rd of Dec to do it. But then we don’t do Christmas in the shopping sense we instead do a family vacation later in the year if we’re able. The kids would rather go to say Disney than get gifts anyway, we try to do just one or two gifts each, but then we had 9 kids so lots of gifts was too much the memories we gave them with the trip was worth more to us. Those are some nifty things up there though.

  3. Sadly I Xmas ship the day after Xmas every year. So there is no to early shopping for me… 🙂

  4. I usually finish my Christmas shopping during September. The people I give gifts to are avid football fans. QVC and HSN do the NFL Pro Shop . Bam, get it all done with one click. Hope you had a good 4th.