And the Great Condom Scavenger Hunt Winner is…

Hot Cowboys by Author Cat Johnson

Leslie Marcyoniak

Even though Leslie wrote in her email that she could only find 13 of the 14 uses of the word “condom” in ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY, I only required 5 to enter so Leslie will receive the paperback Advanced Review Copy of Oklahoma Nights, Book 2 TWO TIMES AS HOT which releases September 24th and is on preorder now.

Kudos to Leslie and to all of the many entrants for finding my elusive condoms, since the All About Romance Reviews reviewer who wrote this statement in her review of ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY, “There was never any discussion of birth control or disease prevention during any of their romantic moments, despite the fact that they were virtual strangers.” apparently missed every single reference when she ‘read’ my book. I won’t judge. Perhaps she needs reading glasses? I’m getting up there in years myself so I know those pesky eyes start to go over 40.

Anyway… on to the fun part, the reveal of all the many, many references–so many in fact I had to think to myself, damn, I made this character a tad too condom obsessed.



“I get the one in black.” When Jace didn’t respond to his claim on the woman, Tuck glanced at his friend. He found Jace standing openmouthed and staring at him.

Finally, once the look of shock had passed, Jace laughed. “All right. You got it, Tuck. Oh, and there’s a fresh box of condoms in my gear bag. You know, just in case.”

Glancing at her again, he didn’t bother denying his interest. Jace had known him too long for Tuck to try lying to him now. They’d been riding in local rodeos together since they were horny teens on the prowl for any willing female. As concerned about their post-competition activities as they were about the ride. It was no use pretending he wasn’t picturing this woman and him rolling around naked. If she was willing, he sure was.

Tuck nodded. “Good to know. Thanks.”


Tuck’s gaze dropped to her mouth as she answered. Soon, he hoped, he’d have the pleasure of experiencing those tempting lips. He shifted the weight of his gear bag from one hand to the other, very aware of the strip of condoms Jace had so generously stashed in it for him.

Okay, so maybe Tuck wanted to do much more than just kiss Becca. At least he would be prepared. Fine motto—be prepared. It could make for a very good night.


He dumped his gear bag behind his seat and was once again reminded of what it contained. He’d obviously been without a woman for too long; the condoms he’d gotten from Jace, and the possibility of being alone with Becca to use them, were all he could think about.


“If you’re honestly worried about me spending the money, don’t be. I took second in the bull riding tonight. I went to the payout window right before the autograph signing and now I’ve got an envelope stuffed full of cash in my gear bag.” As well as the strip of condoms Jace had put in there.


Opening his door, he got out and stood, stretching his back in the process before he reached behind the seat for his gear bag. Under the guise of getting his payout envelope, he also grabbed the other necessity he’d need for the night, the condoms Jace had supplied him with.

As he shoved both into the pockets of his jeans…


It all seemed much more real as he tore open the condom wrapper he’d just pulled from the front pocket of his pants.


The condom he’d rolled on seemed to stretch to its limit. Tucker was a big man. That excited her as much as it made her nervous.


“Darlin’, I’ve got six condoms and all night.” His piercing gaze held hers. “There’s going to be a whole lot more than just once. Believe me. I intend on neither one of us being able to walk straight in the morning. You okay with that?”


She was still throbbing when he covered himself with a condom quicker than she’d thought possible and rolled on top of her. She glanced at the clock to make sure she wasn’t going to be late for her interview, though at this point, she wasn’t sure she would have cared.


She pocketed that sadness and bent to retrieve the scattered empty condom wrappers from the floor.

“You know, we only used three out of the six. You must be slacking off.” She glanced up and saw his brow rise at her comment.

“Skip that meeting of yours and we’ll use those and then I’ll go out for another box full.”

11, 12, 13 and 14!

He wanted her as much as he had that first night, and by all indications, she felt the same . . . And he didn’t have a condom. He pulled his mouth away.

“Crap.” With a loud sigh, he took one giant step back.

“What’s wrong?” Becca’s voice broke on the question.

He let out a short, sad laugh. “Nothing you did, darlin’. No condoms. I came expecting to eat barbecue. Not to . . .” He bowed his head and spread his hands to indicate the space now separating them.

Becca took a step forward and narrowed the distance. “I’m on the pill, if that helps any.”

They didn’t have to worry about a condom for disease prevention. He was pretty sure Becca wasn’t the type to sleep around. That night with him had been the exception, not the rule. He’d used protection every time he’d been with anyone since his divorce, and the army required he be tested every six months. He could slide into her and have nothing between them. Her revelation nearly destroyed his last bit of control.

“Yeah, it helps.” He groaned and took another step toward her until his thigh was cradled between hers.

The birth control issue settled, he thrust his hands into Becca’s thick hair and crashed against her mouth again. It felt so good to kiss this woman. That’s what made it even crazier when a niggling thought broke into his pleasure. A thought that had him pulling away. “Wait. Were you on the pill the last time?”


He frowned. “Why didn’t you tell me then?”

And why the hell was he talking now?

Because he needed to know, which was insane. But it seemed Becca had kept quite a few things from him. He’d had a woman like that in his life already. In fact, he was still sending her monthly spousal support checks and would be for the next year.

“I didn’t tell you that night because I didn’t really know you then, and we had all those condoms so it wasn’t an issue.”

* * *

Thanks to everyone for playing along and don’t miss the entire Oklahoma Nights series!

Luv ya all!!


Oklahoma Nights Series by Cat Johnson

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