Corsets Live and in Action!

I had such a good response to the Corset 101 post, I decided to do a quick follow up with pictures and invite one of my blogger friends famous for her corsets at conventions to share her pictures.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty in a Corset 2 Kitty in a corset Kitty tutu RT 2011


The Here Kitty, Kitty and silver and black corset are steel boned corsets (also me sitting on the floor-it can be done!).  The black with metal chain is a fashion corset-which I cannot wear.  lol It left me with horrible bruising and didn’t hold up the boobs for very long.  lol 🙂


Cat Johnson in a US Flag Corset at RT 13Cat Johnson in a Camouflage Corset at RAGT 12

Pictured above, my steel-boned American Flag corset (worn to the RT 13 gala with my combat boots in support of The Boot Campaign) and my green camouflage fashion corset with matching boots at RAGT 13.

2 responses to “Corsets Live and in Action!

  1. I love corsets. I have several. My fav is my black one, i wear it with my jeans lol lol great post Ms. Cat .. happy day to u .. date night lol 🙂