Put on your cowboy boots, it’s time to kick some plagiarizing ass…


As of 10:25 PM Eastern time her site is down and her Twitter feed, which we obtained from the links on her own site, is saying it’s not her. However, this author on her blog posted screenshots of Alison promoting her twitter account on the Weebly where the work was posted. HERE

**NEW** Woke Saturday morning to find her Twitter account is also disabled 🙂

Alison Gilmore Plagiarist Alison Gilmore plagiarized Lorelei James then denied it



We have a serious situation.

Author Lorelei James has found her work ALL JACKED UP from the Rough Riders series (2009) being plagiarized word for word by a woman who is posting it one chapter at a time and claiming it as her own. Legal threats have not worked so now it’s time mobilize the reader community to come together and shame this woman off the web and educate all her “readers” that the work they are commenting on and so enjoying is stolen. She’s on Twitter at @AlisonGilmore . Not on Twitter? Her website has a comments section!

The stolen works are posted on http://ihadthestrangestdream.weebly.com/index.html . Though I hate to give her any public attention at all this is Lorelei’s last resort. We’re rallying the troops and I’m counting on all of you! We’re not the copyright holders but maybe a few thousand messages written to her webhost will get it taken down. Here is the link http://www.weebly.com/dmca/

Sadly, I fear she will just pick up and move to another host but it’s worth a try.


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    • It is totally for real. The publisher has threatened her with legal action and still she is claiming it’s her work. Lorelei knows her words even if the woman only bothered to change the main characters’ names.

  1. I hope I reported it right and that it helps. Hate people who try to steal from authors who work so hard to write and share their stories with us!

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    Posting the intellectual property of authors, without their expressed approval, is STEALING. It is illegal, immoral and cowardly. Please, please, please share this information with your followers.
    Plagiarizing another person’s work is wrong.
    Help spread the word. On all your Social Media Platforms.

  3. This whole thing is disgusting. She must had NO moral compass. I’ve tweeted, and sent messages to Weebly, but as I’ve learned she just graduated from University as an English Major. Knowing what she has done makes me wonder how much of her work is her own in everything she’s done.

    • It is word for word All Jacked Up (Rough Riders series) from Samhain published in I believe 2009.
      They compared it. The only thing changed is the hero and heroine’s names. The rest of the family and sidecharacters she left with the real names! She had tried calling it FanFic first.

        • I know! She didn’t bother to do anything except a search and replace for the hero and heroine’s name! And honestly, how stupid is it to steal a work from someone who is such a huge seller that everyone knows her work and the characters so well?! She’s not only immoral and illegal she’s really not bright.

  4. I totally sympathise. I had someone do the same thing with works of mine. The whole thing was copied – names changed – and passed off as their own. Thankfully I was alerted.

  5. My Tweet about this thieving huzzy! I don’t like to resort to name calling, but I hate a thief!

    @AlisonGilmore has great books on her site. 2 bad they’re plagiarized from @loreleijames work and she has been threatened w legal action!

  6. Couldn’t comment but I Facebooked and tweeted hopefully my blog readers and twitter followers will tweet also. What an Asshat… Hope she gets it big time… Seriously Lorelei James’s book… Is she stupid and didn’t think anyone would notice… I hope Lorelei gets her good… Karma is a bitch and stealing work of others especially well-know authors is stupid move on her part.

  7. I tweeted her acct. I hope her readers will get to see it. This is simply despicable! I’d suggest for Authors to take a paragraph out of their books and Google it. If someone is copying it, it probably will show up. SMDH!!!

  8. I left a comment on her website but I see that the only comments posted there are the ones saying what a great story she has written. I doubt my negative comment telling her it’s time to come clean and tell the truth about who really wrote the story will ever see the light of day.

  9. Her page has been removed in the last ten minutes. I was there and left it to go to twitter and by the time I went back it was gone.

  10. and now she is trying to defend herself. She unlinked the weebly page on her twitter account an is saying Lorelei has promoted an internet attack. WOW I have no words other than very inappropriate ones!

  11. I tweeted, facebooked, & put it on pinterest. Rough Riders is one of my favorite series & All Jacked Up is one of the best books on the series. That dumb ass woman is crazy as hell for thinking she could get by with plagiarizing Lorelei James!

  12. I really do not get some people! UGH!
    Sharing. So sorry you are going through this Lorelei ((hugs))

  13. I can’t believe she has the gall to say her site was just poetry & her book when I looked at it a half hour ago (accessing it from her twitter profile no less!) and saw 2 books that are most certainly not hers. It’s so wrong!

    • If anybody has that saved in their cache and can make a “picture” of it, we can share it among us and post it to her twitter and to her twitter followers as proof that she’s now slandering Lorelei by saying she’s accusing the wrong person

  14. I tweet it shared it on both of my fb pages and my google this really sucks and im a big fan of author Lorelei and love all her books and own them too I will help with re sharing it every day 🙂

  15. I know “Lorelei” personally… and I think this chick should watch her back… if only she knew what Lorelei’s husband does for a living 🙂 This is absolutely despicable. Hopefully something more serious happens.

  16. I was mad when I read it, and now I have reached the end of the comments to see she is closed down everywhere, well done fans! I really can’t understand how someone can be stupid enough to think no one will notice. I do hope the legal actions will continue against her, to teach her a real expensive lesson.

  17. When you say: ‘We’re not the copyright holders’ -does that mean the original author doesn’t have a copyright? I assume since she has a publisher she does. Isn’t that what copyright is for? Maybe I’m missing something, but if she has it copyrighted, and someone tries to steal it, shouldn’t she be able to press charges? Even if threats won’t work, legal action will. Hopefully they get it figured it out. Best of luck! *note that I see your last post confirms legal action, I was asking as a general statement*

    • Hi, Cassie!
      Re: Copyright. Lorelei is the legal copyright holder, as listed on the copyright page of her book by her publisher. The website host for this girl was Weebly and they have a DMCA takedown notice on their site. I know when I find one of my works pirated (not plagiarized, just being shared illegally) as author I send a DMCA takedown notice to the site hosting the file. Official language of a typical DMCA wording says things like “I swear under penalty of law I am the legal copyright holder or a representative.” So I wasn’t sure we could send that message to Weebly to shut down her site. Samhain Publishing or Lorelei would have to BUT then also prove the work was hers since it wasn’t like illegal filesharing where my name is on the cover and inside the work. This was packaged to look original. Still, shame on Weebly for not responding faster.

      Apparently, this has been going since last week and girl had ignored all appeals, including threats of legal action. It had been on a fanfic site. When a fan complained it was Lorelei’s, the girl moved it, very recently to that Weebly site. I have screen shots of her Twitter where her ‘fan’ asked where her fanfic went and she responded she moved it to a new site. That was about a week ago.

      I think what set Lorelei off last night was seeing the girl had posted a “new chapter” and had tweeted how much work it had been to write, even after she’d been warned.

      This rallying of the troops was our last effort against her since she’d ignored all rational appeals.

      • Oh wow! That’s ridiculous! That would have been the last straw for me too! Like a ‘How dare you!’ moment. :/

  18. This is just bad. I shared on Facebook. I don’t have Twitter, but I did search for her page. It now says “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist.” Unless I typed in something wrong, looks like she is gone.

  19. I have read her Rough Riders seriese and LOVED everyone of them.. The thought that someone could and would do this just errks me! That goodness ppl and sites are shutting this person down!!! 🙂

  20. Good grief! I don’t know that I’d ever even notice if someone was doing that to me. Hopefully my avid readers would. I hope she’s severely punished–should I send one of my sadists over? (This sounds like a job for Gunnar–and I haven’t even told his story yet–but he’s ready to go at a moment’s notice and he takes no prisoners.)

    I love seeing all the love and support for Lorelei because I know this must be making her absolutely sick. Okay, knowing her, it’s making her pissed and she’s gonna fight tooth and nail until she gets satisfaction from the thief. GO GET HER, LORELEI!


  21. Wow. That is just so awful.

    I’m glad everyone rallied for Lorelei James. I see the sites have been removed but will pass on this post to my social networking sites. Hopefully, this will all be resolved (completely) in Lorelei’s favor. People who steal other people’s work should be punished to the fullest extent.

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  23. I can’t believe how brazen she was! And to have the gall to claim Ms James is attacking and bulling her!? ARGH!

    I’ve seen this happen with some very good aspiring writers at a couple of non pro sites I read at. I’ve even let writers know when it has happened. Some of my favorite up and coming authors have stopped posting their stories online because of this. Thanks to Gini Koch for passing this on.

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