Military Romance Reads

I had no plans to post a blog today. I’m much too busy worrying about my one active-duty military consultant who is counting the months until he returns home from Afghanistan, while my other is packing because he can count in days his departure to the same region. But then I saw the mass amounts of others posting and felt left out. 😦 So call me a sheep, but here I am, following the flock.

So here you go, the military heroes who I write to honor the real military men in my life. Some are soldiers and cowboys both, some are Marines, some are special ops while others are tankers and infantrymen, but all encompass the qualities of the very special men who inspired them.

FYI- BB Dalton is FREE and Cat Snips, my anthology which is also FREE, contains 2 military-themed short stories (Fireworks and The Soldier and the Siren).

Trey (erotic military romance)


Model Soldier (a Red, Hot, & Blue Novel)A Prince Among Men

One Night With a Cowboy by Cat JohnsonTwo Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights Series)

Cat Snips ~ A short story anthology

10 responses to “Military Romance Reads

  1. Cat,
    Please thank your real life heroes for their service. I’m enjoying time with my Vet and K9 kids today. Love your books!

  2. I’ve read every one of those books and they are just as hot as the covers. We should pray daily for the safe return of our warriors. They are the reason we can sit back on Memorial Day and enjoy good food & good friends. Your books give a great insight into what their lives are really like and I for one am eternally grateful. Enjoy your books so much!!

    • Thank you, Shirley. That means so much to me. As a civilian I can only hope I do a good job. I try my best. The goal is always to honor the troops, try to be accurate, but at the same time entertain the reader and make it an enjoyable reading experience. 🙂

  3. Love your books, but these are very special.
    When we are out and about and see someone that is or has served in our military, we tell them thanks for their service. Its the least we can do for all that they give up for us, to live in this great country. So tell your guys for us we said Thank You.
    Hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day.

  4. Tell your Guys” Thank You for Your Service to our country”!
    Also I went to church this morning and the Mass was offered for a serviceman killed in action from our parish. A Marine & wife came in, after Mass I went to thank him for his service, and was introduced, it was for his brother the Mass was offered. It took a lot not to not cry and hug that young man. God Bless those watching over us from heaven.