More Gifts for Writers…

Yesterday over at Confessions of a Romance Writer I gave a little insight into what I consider perfect gifts for the writers and shut-ins in your life. I posted that and then had to actually go out somewhere, which made me realize something. There were a few more things I needed to add to that original list. So here it is, part 2 of Gifts for the Writer, these for when we must leave our writing den and venture into the cold cruel world.

Touch GlovesTouch Gloves– I LOVE these things. I have no idea how or why they work–they feel and look just like plain old wool gloves–but the magic fingertips make it possible for me to swipe my iPad, and use the mouse on my laptop while wearing the gloves. This makes it much more comfortable to work while I’m waiting in the car with the engine and the heater off, which happens more than you can imagine. My gloves also happen to match my new writing sweater. Bonus!

Power Converter– While we’re on the subject of working in the car…I live in fear of a dead battery on the iPad and the Mac and my cell. I haven’t invested in a separate car charger for everything I own, but what I do have is this thingy that you plug into your car and it enables you to plug any home appliance charger into it. So I can charge my cell, my iPad, and my laptop, all with this one device and the regular power cord.

A BIG Bag– I used to choose purses by how cute they were. Now my criteria is this–if can I fit my iPad, my laptop and a bottle of wine in there, then we’re good. Even better when there’s a zipper compartment to contain the cell, a lipstick (because all a girl needs is lipstick and sunglasses to look good) and my wallet (since when traveling with wine in your purse it’s best to have your driver’s license on you too).

And finally…

A To-Go Cup– Just because we’re not at home doesn’t mean we don’t want to drink. Coffee, tea, wine, whatever. We need a to-go cup with a lid so we don’t spill in the car or on our laptops. Safety first.

So there you go. I think my list if finally complete. Happy shopping!


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