Real Men -the other 99%

I was just reading about how there is yet another series of books to be launched about Navy SEALs.

Here’s the thing– yes, my first romance stories that I wrote way back in 2006 featured Spec Ops (these are the Red Hot & Blue series short stories that are still being rereleased slowly but surely by Samhain Publishing). My choice then to feature these elite teams was for a number of reasons–I was reading Suzanne Brockmann and Alison Kent’s series at the time who both also feature special operations, the real life Task Force 145 was all over the news regarding al-Zarkawi, and I knew next to nothing about the military back then and figured if I invented a team of Black Ops, already known for their secrecy, I’d be less likely to mess things ups.

What happened next is this, while researching military details for the writing of those books, I came in contact with the real life boots on the ground–the infantrymen, the tankers, the average Joes, the guys I routinely see in cammies while I’m on a layover in the Atlanta airport. And I realized THESE were the guys whose stories needed to be told. Not just the darlings of the romance industry, the 1% of the military who are SEALs. My stories morphed to feature SNCOs (Staff Non-Commissioned Officers) and the men they lead.

There’s plenty of room in this industry. With avid readers polishing off a book a day, if writers put out a quality story, competition with other authors is not the issue. So yes, I sigh when I see one more SEAL series, but then I close that browser, open my WiP (Work in Progress) and write about some of the men that make my heart go pitter pat. Yours too?  Good to hear! Below are my stories featuring men-in-uniform as the main hero: One Night With a Cowboy, A Few Good Men, Model Soldier, and coming soon A Prince Among Men. (Please note the Prince cover is just a draft version and I haven’t received confirmation from the publisher that it’s the final yet.)

One Night With a Cowboy by Cat Johnson

Model Soldier (a Red, Hot, & Blue Novel)

4 responses to “Real Men -the other 99%

  1. I really like where your thoughts went about the SpecOps guys. Do we love them and reading about them because they’re so bad a**? Sure we do. But that doesn’t make the men and women in other fields outside of the “toughest training in the world” any less heroic or readable. My hubby may have been released from SEAL training back in the day for medical reasons, but he still became a hero in many other ways and gave back. If any author can make the average Joe stand out, I’m sure you could.