A Prince Among Men: Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Model Soldier (a Red, Hot, & Blue Novel)It was February of 2008. I’d written my military romance MODEL SOLDIER, set in Afghanistan, and as I watched the morning news, one story caught my attention. Britain’s Prince Harry had secretly been deployed to Afghanistan for 3 months. The news had just been leaked by the press and, now that he was exposed, Harry was being yanked out of the warzone. My writer’s brain was spinning. Can you say sequel? How perfect was this? I knew the Brits supplied air support to the forward operating bases where US and Afghani troops were stationed. A plot began to form–facts, wrapped in fiction. What if? What could have happened in this situation?

That is the basis of A PRINCE AMONG MEN (March 2013) , the follow-up book to MODEL SOLDIER (Dec 2012) in my Red, Hot & Blue series, being rereleased through Samhain Publishing (originally put out back in 2008 by Linden Bay Romance).

And how timely too, because as opposed to the climate in February 2008 when the 23-year old Harry was first, and secretly, deployed to Afghanistan (read about it in the Guardian), today, in 2012, the 28-year old Prince is in the news daily. Unfortunately, his presence is not only drawing attention but also enemy attacks endangering all the international troops stationed at Camp Bastion, where one of my military consultants is scheduled to go in 2013 if plans don’t change. (Read the BBC article BB Dalton (Red, Hot & Blue Bonus Read)about the attack).

So what now? I’m eyeball deep in edits on the 50K word PRINCE right now for the March eRelease. MODEL SOLDIER is already up for preorder for the December eRelease, and in preparation, I’ve managed to get the prequel to that story, my self-published Red, Hot & Blue bonus read, BB DALTON, up everywhere for FREE download (even on Amazon, which is quite a feat, I can tell you).

In the meantime I will continue to watch the real-life story unfold and hope for everyone’s safety.


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