What’s Next?

I’ve been getting questions about what’s coming next from me in my current series, so I figured I’d do a quick review here. I’ve grouped it by series, rather than chronologically.

Model Soldier (a Red, Hot, & Blue Novel)Model Soldier (Red, Hot & Blue, Book 8) is my next release. Coming from Samhain Publishing it is scheduled for December. You can read the blurb here. I’ve already proofed the final file so I expect it to be up on preorder any day now. I’ll let you know when it is. It is category length at approximately 54,000 words and will be released first as an eBook, and then as a trade paperback the following year. It is a standalone story featuring a new character as the hero, as well as an Army platoon in Afghanistan. However, the Task Force Zeta SpecOp characters you know and love from other Red, Hot & Blue series books play a role in the story. Though the story stands alone, you will want to grab the free 10,000 word bonus read BB DALTON to fully appreciate the back story of Model Soldier. It’s available free here at my site, from Amazon for Kindle, at KOBO, on Barnes & Noble for Nook, on the iBookstore / iTunes for iPhone/iPad, and from AllRomance.com and Smashwords in multiple formats with no geographical restrictions.

Next from the Red, Hot & Blue series is PRINCE AMONG MEN, another category length in the 50K word range. It features a side character from Model Soldier as a hero and is scheduled to release from Samhain in March 2013. It is a stand alone story, but again, the characters from Model Soldier and from the earlier Red, Hot & Blue stories will make a reappearance.

I’ve been asked if Matt Coleman, the computer god from the series, will get a story. The answer is YES. And so will Commander Hank Miller, as well as bomb expert Bull Ford. These 3 will be shorter stories which will release individually as eBooks first, then be bundled together for print, just as Trey, Jack and Jimmy were. You can always refer to my SERIES READING ORDER page. I try to keep it up to date.

The STUDS IN SPURS series– As you know, FLANKED (Studs in Spurs, Book 5) released in eBook from Samhain this week and has been doing fantastic both in the best seller rankings and with the reviewers. Readers are wondering if there will be more from my professional bull riders. Yes, there will be, I just haven’t decided who will get the next story yet but I’m definitely not done with my cowboys yet so stay tuned…

NEXT– On preorder now and releasing from Kensington Brava in both eBook and Trade Paperback in February is ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY, Book 1 in my new OKLAHOMA NIGHTS series. These 3 books will feature heroes who are cowboys, and soldiers, and a cowboy who is a soldier! Novel length, they weigh in at a hefty (hefty for me, anyway!) 80,000 plus words.  TWO DATES TO A WEDDING (Book 2) should release later in 2013, and THREE WEEKS WITH A BULL RIDER (Book 3) in early 2014.

To go along with the Oklahoma Nights series, there are 2 novellas which will be released in multi-author anthologies. Coming in July in mass market paperback from Brava will be FISH OUT OF WATER, and it features a side character from One Night With a Cowboy as the hero, along with appearances of the other characters from Book 1. Headlining that anthology is none other than Linda Lael Miller and Jill Shalvis so I’m excited!

AND finally there is TWO FOR THE ROAD. A little hotter than the others since it’s from the spicier Kensington imprint, Aphrodisia, this is a Male/Female/Male threesome story which takes place in the Oklahoma Nights setting. That is coming in a cowboy anthology later in 2013. I haven’t heard who the other authors will be but I’m looking forward to it.
And last but not least, All Romance eBooks put out a call for romance authors to submit their favorite recipe for their PASSIONATE COOKS cookbook. Since you all know I’m a foodie and I have a Recipe Page here at my site, I contributed my recipe for Cheesecake. The cookbook features a whopping 151 recipes from authors. Some are well-known, and some will be new to you. It will be FREE for download at ARe beginning October 1st but you can hop over and preorder it now, and it will be there waiting in your ARe library when you wake up on release day.

So that’s it, that’s all I’ve got for you…for now. Any questions remaining, I’d be happy to answer. Just leave me a comment here. Or you can always catch me on Facebook or Twitter. Now, back to work! Fish Out of Water is due November 1st!!


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  1. Well I finished reading Flanked last night and I did it in a day!! I really try to slow down but they are all so good that I just have to find out what happens next. Good job and I can’t wait for the next one… I am glad you posted this it gives me something to look forward to!!!