About the Author on Amazon

There are exciting things happening over at Amazon. I may have a love/hate relationship with the giant at times, but I love this new feature they’ve incorporated into ther newest Kindle eReaders. And who can describe it better than Amazon themselves? Below I’ve pasted verbatim the email from Amazon I received this morning, including the screen shots, of this cool new feature. Now I’m going to have to find someone with the new device and see it in action with my own author page!

“When readers find a book interesting, they oftentimes look for more information about the author. We’ve developed a new feature for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD to help those readers – About the Author.

About the Author gives readers easy access to your photo, biography, and bibliography so they can learn more about you and your other books, which are only 60 seconds away. Readers can tap on any of your books to go to the Kindle Store. Also, any time you update your bio or claim a new book through Author Central, we will update About the Author on Kindle so your readers have access to the most recent information about you.”

Kindle Paperwhite Author PageAbout the Author will be available when the new Kindle devices ship, starting on September 14th.

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