Forward? Me? *Gulp*

I didn’t think there was much left that could throw me at this point in my life and my career, but this did–I was recently asked to write the forward for a military erotic romance anthology.

Now, I’ve written short stories, and I’ve written full length novels. I’ve been interviewed on video, by the press, on the radio, and on blogs. I’ve spoken on group panels and alone to large groups of people. All in all, I’m probably well over 3 dozen published works, with countless blog posts under my belt, yet this 750 – 1200 words I was asked to write to introduce the stories in this multi-author anthology made me incredibly nervous.

Why? Maybe because I’ve never written a forward before. Maybe because it seems like a huge responsibility to represent the 18 authors within. Maybe because when I’d thought I’d write something fun and light, it turned into something pretty deep. Maybe because I’m a little daunted since big name authors who top the NY Times Bestseller list are usually asked to write these kind of things and I’m, well, just me.

But anyway, nerves or not, my forward is written and off to the editor. Thankfully my friend/fellow author/former US Marine read it over for me and she liked it so we’ll see, I guess, if my little forward will please the masses…and the participating authors, and the editor, and the publisher. See how this can get nerve wracking?! LOL

On another note, isn’t the cover hot? Mmm, mmm, gotta love a sweaty man in dog tags. And look–I found the book up on preorder already for the November release. Very exciting! The blurbs aren’t listed yet but I did grab the list of stories and authors from the ARC I received and pasted it below, just to give you a taste of what is to come.

I wish Cleis Press and every author in Duty and Desire great sales and glowing reviews. Ooh-rah!

Duty and Desire
Edited by Kristina Wright
Coming in November from Cleis Press
The Long Ride Home • Delilah Devlin
Night Witch • Connie Wilkins
Shattered • Shanna Germain
The Grunt and the Ditty Bop • Craig J. Sorensen
Fighting for Fresno • Ericka Hiatt
Homecoming • Kelly Maher
Passing Out Passion • Lucy Felthouse
Against the Wall • Catherine Paulssen
The Thunder of War • Anya Richards
Sergeant Rae • Sacchi Green
Dead on Her Feet • Elizabeth L. Brooks
Out of Time • J.K. Coi
Done • Charlotte Stein
Wilco • Christine d’Abo
Christmas Presents • Mercy Loomis
Snake Dance • Lynn Townsend
Home • Michelle Augello-Page
For Better or Worse • Kristina Wright

Now on preorder for November delivery at:


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