New to the Website- a booklist!

I’ve made a few additions to the website. After seeing so many Google searches for a complete booklist, I created a downloadable, printer-friendly, PDF version of all my titles currently available for purchase, which I will update as necessary. You can see it HERE.  For future reference, the latest version will be accessible at the link at the top of the BOOKS page and at the link at the bottom of SERIES READING ORDER page. Please note the Booklist is different than the Series Reading Order, which explains, you know. my series. And it will only include Coming Soon titles if they are available for preorder.

Next, I added a RECIPE index page so now links to all the recipes hidden among the pages of my site are in one place.

Finally, a few months ago I quietly added a CAT’S CREW page. It’s a very informal explanation of how readers can best help their favorite authors and touches on what it means to be part of a ‘street team’.

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