Some emails are worth opening, and this morning I got one. Notification that COWBOY LUST, the cowboy-themed multi-author anthology my short story is in, will be featured in TIME MAGAZINE in the Summer Reading issue available July 9th. How amazing is that?!

COWBOY LUST, the trade paperback on preorder now for an August 14th release, was edited by the lovely and talented Delilah Devlin, with a forward by the amazing Lorelei James, and it features stories by 15 authors, me included.

This all kind of snuck up on us so the blog for the book is just getting up and running but there are Preorder links (the paperback is discounted by 45% for preorder on most sites!), author bios, and a listing of the stories with short blurbs for you to peruse. Coming soon will be blog post by the contributing authors so check back at .

First the Times Square Jumbotron and now Time Magazine! 2012 has been one hell of a year so far. Can’t wait to see what the second half holds!

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