I WANT YOU…to choose

The lovely hosts of  SERIOUSLY SENSUAL, Nicole Brooks and Gabrielle Denize, have invited me back to their radio show for a LIVE, on-air book discussion at BlogTalkRadio and we need YOU to choose which of my books we’ll be discussing.

Think of it as your local book club, but with the participants being from all over the globe, actively asking questions, making comments and WINNING PRIZES!

The date is Saturday, July 21, 8 PM Eastern Time.

If you’re unfamiliar with BlogTalkRadio, don’t worry. It’s easy. Once it’s showtime, just click on the show link and the show will stream from your computer speakers. There is also a chat room where you can type questions and interact with other listeners once you’ve signed in with either a BlogTalkRadio account (free to sign up) or your Facebook account.

NOW, for the book we’ll be discussing… YOU get to choose. So check out my BOOKS page and let us know which book you want to hear about most. We’ll compile the results from the comments on our blogs, Twitter and Facebook and announce the results so you’ll know prior to the show. Then don’t forget to tune in on July 21st because as I said, besides all the fun, there will be some giveaways too!

So comment away. Which of my books do you want to learn more about? 

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