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Have you even been struck by love, out of the blue? By a book, or by a man (or woman)? Heck, I suppose a person could even be love struck by a food or a place. I’m not talking love at first sight, I’m talking about a person (or a book character) who is going about their every day life and suddenly they realize love is there, right in front of them. Perhaps it’s been there all along. Or maybe it grew out of a friendship or even a casual association.

That’s exactly what happens to my heroine, Maureen, in my upcoming June 19th release A Few Good Men. She’s minding her own business, sending care packages to deployed troops and receiving their thanks by email, when suddenly one email, and one soldier, stands out from the rest. And after a few weeks she realizes she may well have fallen in love with a man she’s never even met! That’s being love struck.


(a Red, Hot & Blue Novel, Book 7)

He has met the enemy…but he’s never fought desire like this. 

Deployed in the deadliest place on earth, Army Staff Sergeant John Blake relies on caffeine, adrenaline, years of training and sheer force of will to get through his days. He has no problem with his tank crew passing around a sexy romance novel, but John’s a fighter, not a lover. He’ll pass. Winding up as the author’s accidental pen pal wasn’t in his plan, but there’s something about her sweet, caring emails that has him looking forward to checking his inbox.

Week after week, Maureen Mullen, aka erotic romance writer Summer Winters, has dated one loser after another in a quest to find the last decent man on earth. Now it seems she’s found him—halfway around the world. When it comes to falling for unavailable men, she’s batting a thousand.

Gradually, the emails between the war-hardened warrior and the writer of passionate prose heat up to the point of keeping them up warm and wanting at night. Soon they’re wondering if it’s possible to build something solid out of cyberspace, or if it’s just an emotional mirage that will dissolve in the heat of reality.

Warning: Contains some steamy phone calls from the war zone and one hell of a sexy first meeting between two strangers who are already in love.


CONTEST: I will give to one lucky commenter a digital download of one of my Red, Hot, & Blue backlist (winner’s choice of one of the following: Trey, Jack, Jimmy, Jared, Cole, or Bobby).

To enter just answer the question have you ever been lovestruck?

The fine print: Blog hop contest runs from 12:01 AM June 15th through to 11:59 PM June 22, 2012. I will choose the winning commenter using and contact them by email on June 23, 2012. International entries are eligible. One entry per person.

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38 responses to “Lovestruck Blog Hop Contest – CONTEST CLOSED

  1. In high school we had this gawd awful summer reading list my junior year which included….gasp – Classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Tess of the D’Urbervilles…I was not prepared to enjoy any of it. I had to read and re-read the novels to understand the language, the storylines, the characters for the essays required at the start of the school year. Somewhere, after several readings, I discovered I was completely lovestruck with Pride and Prejudice. I make annual pilgrimages, reading it at the end of every summer (and sometimes again during the cold winter) just to reaffirm that sense of captivating romance.

    Does that count?

  2. Of course with my dh, I knew when I met him that he was it for me. It was awesome. I am also still after 8 years lovestruck with the queso at our local Mexican restaurant. It’s super yummy!

  3. My husband and I went to high school together and re-connected 20years later. I was instantly love struck when I saw him again! We’ve been married 12 years now. So happy for second chances!

  4. I have been lovestruck a good number of times. Unfortunately, they have all been fictional characters, lol. I just read a book called The Texan’s Bride and I fell hard for the main character, Branch Kincaid. But, in real life, I’m still waiting for that ‘lovestruck’ moment. thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I have to say I was lovestruck when I looked into my children’s eyes the first time

  6. yes…when i was in university…but the boy is jerk…he flirted with my own sister…
    never heard of him anymore…

  7. Definitely lovestruck with my hubby. He was my first boyfriend, first kiss, definitely first lover, and we are going on 37 years this month.

  8. Unfortunately I have never been that way with a guy 😦 However, I find that happens to me with music, a lot. I will hear a song on the radio over the course of time and then one day realize I LOVE that song and can’t wait to hear it on the radio again.

  9. I was LOVESTRUCK when i first saw my now husband…he was a firefighter and the place i worked had a gas leak – needless to say he was there the whole day!! We’ve been together 20 years next month.

  10. Oh yes! Lovestruck hit me square in the eyes when I met my husband. I was going for an interview, waiting for him in the front of the restaurant. When he came strolling out, (in a three piece suit) he slipped and skidded into the oak doors. I’ll never forget how he brushed off his suit, and said, “It’s about damn time they clean these floors.”

    The rest as they say… is history. We’ve been together for thirty-two years.

  11. I was lovestruck in 9th grade. He was a Senior. He was also into guys. LOL My gaydar has improved since then.

  12. I was first struck by the boy next door, but that wasn’t to be. Thank goodness! I was then struck by my husband and that has been the best. I get ‘struck’ by fictional heroes quite often.

    Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

  13. I was lovestuck by my dh on our first date. I am lovestruck by the heros I read about in my books. Most of all, I am lovestruck everyday when I look at both of my children.

  14. I was love struck the moment I saw felt my babies kick while I was pregnant. It was just amazing. Then to finally see them for the first time was so powerful. There is no feeling like it. Now as I see them sleep that same feeling comes back.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  15. I’m lovestruck with my husband. He is what I was looking for and I found him!

    thanks for participating in the blog hop!

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

  16. I’ve been lovestruck on more than one occasion but it never lasts. I think I’ll stick with fictional men now. They never break your heart.

  17. Definitely been lovestruck by the Black Dagger Brotherhood boys! In particular, Rhage, Zsadist, and Vishous!

    In real life, the most lovestruck I’ve ever been is seeing my children’s faces the moment they have been born! If that doesn’t knock someone off their feet, nothing will! Such an exhilarating and emotional moment.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  18. I guess the biggest lovestruck moments of my real life would be when I fist saw my nieces and nephews after they were born.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  19. My husband and I were a slow burn sort of love so no lovestruck story there. The first time I was ever lovestruck was the day my son was born. I know, that’s not romantic love but I had never understood what lovestruck was until that day. Now he’s 13 and I wonder why I was so happy that day! HAHA! Thanks for the giveaway. I have read the whole series except this one. jepebATverizonDOtnet

  20. So many times I was lovestruck. Meeting my husband. The first look at my babies. A puppy that came to mean more to me than just about everything else. Those are the standout but love never ends in one way or another right?
    Thanks for participating in the hop and thanks to Skye Warren for sponsoring it.

  21. I don’t think that I have ever been lovestruck. I guess I would know if I was. Lol. This sounds like a fabulous story! Thank you for sharing and for a chance to read it.
    trb0917 at

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  23. Oh, of course…in high school…about every other week! LOL!! Thx for the giveaway op! 🙂

    barbbattaglia @

  24. I was lovestruck at a local rodeo when I met my husband. We’ve been together 29 years as of last Monday. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. The contest is now closed and thank you so much for all the great comments. A few of these stories may be something I could write a book about!

    Anyway, has chosen BARBARA (barbbattaglia @ as the lucky winner. I’ll be emailing her today.

    Thanks again to everyone for stopping by!