Military Reads for Your Memorial Day

Maybe it’s this holiday when we all take time to remember those who serve, or maybe it’s that I’m 80,000 words into writing a new book about a cowboy/soldier and I’m eyeball deep in weapons research, but this morning after the husband left for work I turned on the TV to find it was tuned to AMC’s War Heroes Weekend marathon. An old Henry Fonda WWII movie was playing–and I haven’t switched the channel yet. Hmmm….

In any case, for your weekend reading pleasure between the barbecues and celebrations, here are my hot contemporary military man offerings. Some are short. Some are long. Some are free (the free PDF downloads are BB Dalton, Fireworks, and The Soldier and the Siren). Some are in print. Some are only eBook. Some are sweeter. Some are much much hotter. ALL are for those 18 and over, please, but besides that criteria, there’s something for everyone!

Trey (Red Hot & Blue, Book 1) Jimmy

Red Blooded (Trey, Jack & Jimmy PAPERBACK)


3 responses to “Military Reads for Your Memorial Day

  1. Yes, I noticed that about AMC, too. We watched “Green Berets,” and the “Dirty Dozen” last night. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen both movies, but always cry at the end of each, especially the Green Berets. I remember playing that record with the boy I liked when I was nine years old in his garage. To this day it remains one of my favorites.

    It definitely will be a military movie weekend. 🙂