May News

What’s happening? Well, a lot actually, which is why I’ve been a bit MIA.

WRITING, writing and more writing and I am in the final stretch, so close to typing THE END I can almost taste it on my first Kensington novel, One Night with a Cowboy (Oklahoma Nights, Book 1).  It’s a great feeling and I’m high on dopamine or whatever else happens to a body when a huge goal is finally achieved. Of course, I expect to crash pretty badly when faced with that blank page and that 0 word count for Book #2. If you see me wallowing during that period, please give me a little kick in the ass. Thanks.

PROMO, of course. Would you expect any less from me? Anyway, I have embraced the evil that is the FACEBOOK PAGE, forced upon all (and I use this term loosely) public figures. Since FB won’t allow a personal profile page to have more than 5,000 friends and I am rapidly approaching that number, I have decided to actually do something with my official author FB page I set up years ago and I have added a special EXCLUSIVE FAN ZONE tab. There, people who have LIKED my page can view content available to no one else. Right now, I have an excerpt from my upcoming September release of the next Studs in Spurs bull rider book, FLANKED. That book is currently through final line edits and awaiting galley proofing so the only folks who’ve even seen it are my editor and the FLE at Samhain, but I’m sharing a small piece of it on that fan page. Pretty exciting, right?!

Also, I’ve set up a page on this site called CAT’S CREW (for now, until I change my mind again and rename the tab/page). On there are my tips of what anyone can do to help their favorite authors. Content on that page may also change. (We authors do like to revise, rewrite, edit and wordsmith, don’t we?)

TRAVEL. It’s convention season and though my schedule isn’t as packed as some of my author peeps, it’s pretty full. RT Chicago 2012 has come and gone, but I’ve already ordered my promo for RT Kansas City 2013. But first, I have to get my act together (as well as my costumes and promo) and get ready for AAD NOLA (Authors After Dark in New Orleans) in August.

COVERS! I love cover art. Who doesn’t, right? And part of the fun of having a few self-published titles out there along with my traditionally published books is that I can play around with them. I change prices and see how that affects sales (keep an eye on them because you never know when the whim with hit and I’ll slash prices on a few titles for a few days at the sites that allow that, such as All Romance eBooks and Barnes & Noble. I can also change covers, and I’ve recently done that. Since Opposites Attract, Nice & Naughty, and Just Desserts are all trilogies, and kind of connected, I decided to make them look more like a series and a very talented cover artist helped me with that.

a sexy trilogy of revenge

And since I wanted readers to know that my Educating Ansley was both a cowboy book and a menage, I had another wonderful cover artist friend of mine create this beauty…

So that’s it for now. Back to the research, writing, editing and proofing so I can wrap this baby up and send it off to my editor, but I’ll be back!

6 responses to “May News

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy. I am on a Cat Johnson reading binge. I went through my Kindle and picked out all the books I have of yours that I haven’t read yet and am reading them. LOL. Then I’ll have to wait for more. Good Luck with your upcoming books.

    • Hi Amanda,
      I answered this on the Cat’s Crew page but I’ll paste it here too.

      They are both good in different ways, I think. Personally I think a Goodreads reveiw from someone a reader “knows” from that site will hold more weight and might be all they need to make a purchase. On the other hand Amazon chooses which books they feature (for things like the “recommended for you” section) by # of reviews so in that case, a Amazon review might help get a book seen by more people.

  2. I LOVE cover art, and yours are fantastic. I’m a visual person, and I will gravitate to a cover of a book instantly…then read the back blurb. 😉 Just finished RED BLOODED, Red, Hot, & Blue. It was great! Loved Jack’s story the best!