My Great Big Chicago RT 2012 Adventure

What happens at RT, stays at RT…except on Twitter, and cell phone pics, and Youtube, and blog posts–you get the picture!

So I won’t tell you that during my week at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Chicago I mixed shots with a few well-known authors, or that I had a brief but satisfying “Scottish Fling” which ended in a threesome (photo, at least) with two cover models, and witnessed a male striptease the next night, or drank some strange foreign liquor (washed down with chocolate TimTams) with some folks from down under, or that I got thongs as a gift from a reader (book thongs, that is), or that I flew to Chicago with an automatic weapon packed in my suitcase…but I will show you pictures!




For more of the expose’ in pictures (of the cowboy nature) check out my blog post at the Wild & Wicked Cowboys Blog

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