A multiauthor anthology I was in recently went out of print so what did I do? I brushed up the story, gave it a shiny new cover and uploaded it to the sites I haven’t been shut out of (meaning all sites except Bookstrand).

It’s my pleasure to reintroduce you to BENEATH THE SURFACE, my contemporary short story set in Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Enjoy!


Beneath the Surface by Cat Johnson

Rick Jones is on a mission and the answers he seeks may lie deep beneath the streets of New York within the secrets of Grand Central Terminal. While Rick goes both undercover and underground in search of clues, he encounters a woman he finds just as intriguing as the mystery he’s working to solve.

Beth Cooke’s job as a conservation expert at the landmark train station gives Rick just the in he needs to explore areas otherwise off-limits to the public. He only hope Beth isn’t equally off-limits. Rick’s determined to both satisfy his desire for her and find the answers to his questions, but will Beth believe him when the truth is finally revealed?

This story has been previously published. It has been reedited from the original version.

15,000 words $. 99

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