So my mother just called to say “You didn’t put up a new post about Cowboy Shuffle. Doesn’t it release today?”

Yes, it does, and even though it’s all over Twitter, and Facebook, and the ARe Cafe, and Google+, and on my landing page here at the site, and in the ARe Wildfire newsletter, and at the Wild & Wicked Cowboy blog, on top of a few other blogs where the owners were kind enough to feature me, it wasn’t here on my own blog. So yes, Mother, you are right, it should be on here too because there are some, I’m sure, who count this as their one stop shopping for all news Cat Johnson. So here it is, the official announcement that indeed, today is the release of Texas Two-Step:Cowboy Shuffle, which is the sequel to last year’s Texas Two-Step.

Now for the good news/bad news.

No, it’s not coming to Amazon or BN. My apologies. All Romance, who put out the book, decided to make it an exclusive so it is only Texas Two-Stepavailable at right now, but like Texas Two-Step, it will be soon uploaded to the iBookstore to be read in the iBooks app on iPads, iPod Touches and iPhones. Install the free iBooks App on your iDevice (I just made up that word, works nicely though, doesn’t it? LOL) and then go to the STORE tab, then do a search by entering in the top right field Cat Johnson and all my titles available on the iBookstore will appear. My free read “Cat Snips” is there so you can practice on a free book without fear if you are an iBooks virgin.

The good news is ARe sells multiple formats so books purchased there in ePub can be easily sideloaded onto Nooks or iBooks, PDFs can be read on computers or multiple eReaders, and the Mobi format can be loaded to a Kindle. I also know you can somehow add your Kindle email address to ARe and click “Send to my Kindle” on books in your library at ARe and they will magically fly to your Kindle. (One hint, you may need to turn the Kindle off then on again to see the new books). There are FAQs for all this at ARe, and I have worked personally with the customer service folks there as well, and they are every helpful and understanding.

More good news is that there are NO geographical restrictions at ARe. If you have an email address, you can download an eBook. Unlike Amazon, it doesn’t matter what country you’re in. You can be in the space shuttle, or deployed to Afghanistan, or even living in Canada (shh, don’t tell Amazon, they like to restrict what you Canucks read), but as long as you have internet access and an email address you can sign up for a free ARe account and download both free and paid books from the site.

So that’s it. Your new release post is up. Yes, I was being lazy, Mother was right–but isn’t she always? LOL

Gotta go. Mom is back on the phone confused on how to get the book to her Kindle once again…

“Go to the ARe site, log in, click on the Library tab,  find the book in your list then click Send to Kindle…Yes, Mother, call me back if that doesn’t work.”

Ring, ring

“It’s still not here.”

“Turn it off then back on again.”

“Okay, I shut it off, now back on… nope still not–oh wait, there it is! Thank you.”

“Yes, Mother. You’re welcome.”


      • Haha, what can I say, I’m getting seriously addicted to your books! But I think I will stick with ARe – you know, the first one we never forget and all that (even if it’s an e-book website who allows you to download from across the world!lol). Anyway, just glad that now I have a brand new reading (even better that is one of yours) for the weekend!

  1. Hey Cat, happy release day, aren’t moms great, mine is riding in the car with me from WV to RI. Your post is up on my site, I hope you get a chance to pop over and take a look.