Teasing You with Some Tidbits

I’m at that point where I’m bogged down in the soggy middle of this work in progress. If I can get over the hump, the ending will fly, I’m sure, but until then each and every word feels like it has to be pulled out of me like a large headed child. So…let me tell you a little bit about this WiP in hopes that getting you excited about it will get me excited about it, because my little sidebar status meter, though helpful, just isn’t doing it for me right now.

A good indication about what’s in a book is what research the author does to write it, so for FLANKED (Studs in Spurs, Book 5) I have looked into the following topics…

Body Piercing (specifically nipple, clit & hood)


Marriage License Laws in various states in the US

Centrifugal Force in bull riding

Building a Tree Stand for deer hunting

Shoulder injuries requiring surgery in bull riders

Health insurance

The sports medicine crew in the arena at bull rides

So, does that give you some kind of hint as to what Garret James, the hottie pro bull rider from my Studs in Spurs series, might be up to in his upcoming book? I hope so! Now, back to writing. About 19K left to write to finish this big-headed baby up and send it away to my editor. Now THAT is exciting.


4 responses to “Teasing You with Some Tidbits

  1. I really can’t wait, love these books… I’m sure it will be wonderful no matter what. Hope it gets done fast. I’m ready for it.

    • Thanks! I actually had one of my military consultants who’s an avid hunter draw me a schematic and a long instructional document. Mult-italented my guy are, and you know how detail oriented (an anal) military guys can be. LOL