Red Hot Ropin’ Rodeo Cowboys…

You know I’ve got a newfound obsession with ropers. I’ve blogged here about how I get all a’tingle at the sight of a tie-down roper, piggin’ string between his teeth, controlling a ton of horse with his legs, and then leaping from the stirrups at a full gallop to throw down a 250 pound calf, all within seconds.

No surprise I planted myself on the bleachers directly behind the roping boxes at a recent PRCA rodeo I attended in Connecticut, and snapped away plenty of photos of the buffet of hot cowboy flesh in front of me.

It’s also no surprise that other women feel the same as I do about rodeo cowboys, as evidenced by my tie-down roper Wes from Texas Two-Step being a finalist in All Romance eBooks’ Summer’s Hottest Heroes Contest. Voting in Round #1 opens today as the 32 finalists compete in head-to-head competition. The winners of round 1 will advance to round 2, and so on until there remains only one hottest hero. The events to come include hottest first kiss and best invitation for a romantic dinner.

Check it out at All Romance and remember you have to be logged into your ARe account to be able to see the competitors and vote. I’m hoping Wes makes it through round 1 since he’s got some great stuff planned for his romantic dinner!

OH!! I forgot to mention that AllRomance will be choosing a random voter in each round to win $25 in eBook Bucks to be used on the site.

4 responses to “Red Hot Ropin’ Rodeo Cowboys…

    • I got hooked on rodeos last year when I attended one in Armstrong County, PA. I was shocked that there were rodeos in Pennsylvania. It was a nice event. It definitely whetted my appetite for a bigger rodeo. Need to get out west sometime for one. Guess I will have to get my rodeo fix next weekend back at the Fort Armstrong Championship Rodeo in Ford City, PA. Thanks for feeding my cowboy habit with your great stories.

      Margie Hager

  1. Because of you and your writing, I drug my family to a PBR event in January – thanks Cat! It was so much fun! Can’t wait for the next one!