View from the Chutes~my weekend at the NBR Finals

What did I do last weekend? Well, on a spur of the moment impulse I packed the car full of roadtrip food and headed South to Raleigh, North Carolina for the NBR Finals to see the rider I sponsor, Brian Conzett, compete and to hang out with Makin’ 8 as they broadcasted the event live from the arena. I expected it would be a good time. What I didn’t expect was how amazingly incredible it would be, from night one when I got to meet everyone I’d only talked to before, to night two when I got to spend the event literally next to the bucking chutes, to meeting new fans in person, and visiting old friends from home. Here is a retrospective in photos.

Brian Conzett at the NBR Finals

Brian Conzett, one of the bull riders I sponsor, before his ride Saturday night


The bulls were bucking this close to us and the Makin' 8 broadcasting equipment

I got to enjoy all sorts of dressing and undressing activity directly behind me. This is a bull fighter who'd stripped off his protective gear during the break.


This was my view for the night. I realized exactly how close I was to the action when the gate opening clanged loudly just inches from me and shook the platform we were standing on.


The bulls were penned directly behind me and apparently this was the 'bad' pen because every bull put in there during the night misbehaved. This guy kept eyeballing anyone who walked by and did not take kindly to the gear being stored on his rails.

On the other hand, this particular bull spent all night waiting for someone to scratch his back. I clucked at him and he came running over to me to get scratched. I disappointed him because I was afraid the stock guys would kick me out from where I wasn't really supposed to be.

So that was my great adventure. If you want to watch the action, the videos are archived.



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