Dear Author…

RideIf you’re a romance reader you may have heard of her, if you’re a romance author, you definitely have–I’m speaking of Jayne of the Dear Author blog. What you may not know is 1) she’s a PBR fan 2) she has a strange fascination with stripper heroines and 3) she liked my book!

“I enjoyed reading the book. Chase is a wonderful hero and I think he’s made a good choice in Leesa. The prose is smoothly written, the pacing is good, there aren’t any extraneous subplots mucking up the action and I like the background details seamlessly worked into the story. I hope that you continue the series as there are a few potential heroes I’d love to see find their own special heroine.”  Jayne, Dear Author

From a blog and a reviewer known to never pull punches, this is high praise indeed! Take a look at what else she had to say about RIDE (Studs in Spurs, Book 3) HERE

Now, here is the small issue with this wonderful review being posted today, the Samhain website and the My Bookstore and More site is down for maintenance all week sooooo if you want to see more of RIDE or purchase the eBook you will have to look at ARe, BN, Borders, Books on Board or Fictionwise. Links are found HERE


The new site is up and running. One change is that the publishing site and the retail site (formerly My Bookstore & More) are more seamlessly integrated. It seems as if the book link will forward to the new site, but my old Samhain author page link is showing as not found so please bear with me as I locate and update that link across the web.

One response to “Dear Author…

  1. That’s great Cat. This series is good and I already told you how much I liked Mustangs story and what a great job you did with him and his “porno career” and his emotions after doing the BDSM shoot. Can’t wait to read about Chase.