Hey! Where’s the Site?

For a while, you may find that the Samhain Publishing site (home of my Studs in Spurs and Red, Hot  & Blue series) and My Bookstore and More (Samhain’s retail arm) is down. That’s because there are lots of changes in the works. New layout, new look, new features, all of which require a painful migration period, testing and yes, downtime. So don’t worry, it will be back. In the meantime I ask for your patience and the extra effort required on your part to find the info you’re looking for elsewhere. If you can’t find it here at catjohnson.net, I’m happy to say my name and books are popular enough a google search should yield at least a page of various other results.

And of course, you can always email me at cat @ catjohnson .net. Just don’t email me and write, “None of the links on your site work!” because 1) that’s not true, I have links to many, many eBook vendors and review sites that will work while the Samhain related links are down and 2) though I will respond kindly I will likely be cursing you in my head and since my friends insist I’m a witch you don’t want that.

So go forth and read while the techies perform their magic on the new Samhain site and in the meantime, Let’s Buck!


3 responses to “Hey! Where’s the Site?

  1. Cat,
    Thanks for posting about the downtime. I was gone for a week and came back and the site was gone! So, naturally I started with my fav authors sites to see if anyone had any news as to what was happening. I appreciate you keep us up to date. Take care!