Bucked in Paperback! Let’s Buck!

Bucked (Studs in Spurs, Book 2) officially releases in paperback tomorrow which means you may (fingers crossed) actually come across it on a shelf at a bookstore near you. You definitely will find it at all the online booksellers such as Borders, BN and Amazon.

But wait, you’re saying, I thought this book is out already. Yes it is, but only in eBook. The publisher likes to leave a ten month lag between the eBook release and the release of the trade paperback.

Why do they do that? Waiting sucks, you may be saying. Well, here’s the thing. It’s kind of like how in high fashion the new spring designer lines are shown at the fall fashion shows so the stores have time to order them for the following year.

I used to totally agree that waiting (and having to promo the same book for two separate release dates) sucks, until just a few months ago when people started to email and text me pictures of my UNRIDDEN (Studs in Spurs, Book 1) on actual bookstore shelves at BNs and Borders. That ten month delay gives the booksellers time to shop for and order the books releasing later in the year. I even had an indie bookseller in Syracuse, NY ask me to send them promo for Bucked so I have great hopes it too will be shelved. Apparently the system works so who am I to argue? To a little author with an indie pub like me, getting actual shelf space in a brick and mortar large chain bookstore or even a small indie bookstore is AMAZING!!

So here I am, promoting Bucked once again and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The amateur bull rider I sponsor just received his second batch of Let’s Buck stickers to distribute at all the rodeos he rides in in Oklahoma. I co-sponsored Makin’ 8‘s trip to Las Vegas for the National Rodeo Finals (NFR) and they are there this week reporting back live on all the cowboy goings-on there. And of course I’ll be visible on the web talking about Bucked for those who care to listen.  Deja vu all over again, but it is no hardship to revisit Mustang, the hero of Bucked. Hope you feel the same.

Have you already read BUCKED and want more?

There is a deleted scene from Bucked starring Mustang and Chase called THE ROOKIE available on my Free Reads page. Enjoy!

The Rookie Studs in Spurs Deleted Scene

One response to “Bucked in Paperback! Let’s Buck!

  1. I have them in ebook but print is well worth it, the stories are so good, I really loved Mustang’s story.