Modern Day Cowboys at the NFR-Let’s BUCK!

There is something so romantic about the cowboy. Historically, and yes, now in modern times too. So maybe it isn’t as crazy as it first appears that I, a romance writer, decided to co-sponsor Makin’ 8, who is by now in Las Vegas setting up for live interviews with the real life cowboys competing over the next ten days in the NFR (National Finals Rodeo).

Makin’ 8 brings hot cowboys and all the action to you because what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas when you’ve got BlogTalkRadio and Ustream video.

Don’t miss a moment because who knows what will happen or when. That’s the beauty of having a flexible schedule and bosses who consist of your fans.

Tweets. Videos. Radio shows and live UStreams. From cardboard cowboys to spandex pants, ropers, riders and the buckle bunnies who love them, you’ll see and hear it all.

Let’s Buck! And as Scott on Makin’ 8 likes to say, Get a Grip!

3 responses to “Modern Day Cowboys at the NFR-Let’s BUCK!

  1. I had to listen to the show later but was very nice of you Cat to help then out, I know they said they were very thankful and that his wife had become a big fan. ;-))