Three Reviews to Be Thankful For…

I awoke Thanksgiving morning to find not one but THREE new reviews in my inbox from the lovely ladies at Veiled Secrets Reviews, a Browns Plains, Australia-based review site. Gotta love those Aussies!!

Here is just a taste of what they had to say about 3 of my favorite military men, Trey, Jack and Jimmy from my Red, Hot & Blue series of ebooks (soon to be bundled into a single paperback–more news on that later).

To read the full reviews for all three stories, visit Veiled Secrets Reviews.

Trey (Red Hot & Blue, Book 1)“Cat Johnson’s Trey is a rollercoaster of a ride that will thrill you from start to finish.I was swiftly turning page after page eager to discover the outcome and pondering on how each precarious situation would be handled.  The plot was filled with danger, mistrust, stubbornness, misunderstanding, passion and lust.  With a mixture like that, you can’t go wrong! Trey and Carly proved to be the perfect couple and complimented each other very well.  The passion shared between them was erotically hot and will leave your screaming for more.  With Trey as the beginning of Ms. Johnson’s Special Task Force Zeta team, I can’t wait to discover more” More

“Just as its predecessor, Jack, book two in Cat Johnson’s Red, Hot & Blue series, was
filled with thrilling suspense and a super-hot romance.  While
Jack can be enjoyed as a standalone, I would strongly suggest reading book one in this series for importantly historical purposes; yet, if you choose not then you will not feel like entering in the middle of the story.  But fans that have experienced Jack’s interlude in the previous novella are in for a fantastic treat because I guarantee that you will fall more deeply in love with him during his featured story.  With an endlessly, sizzling hot flirtation and suspenseful undertone Jack proved to be an incredible read that kept me greatly intrigued until the very end.”

Jimmy“Ever since Jimmy had been mentioned in the first book and made his appearance in the second book, I had eagerly been waiting to read his featured story.  I am glad to say that author Cat Johnson did not disappoint.  Jimmy had went through a very horrendous experience that could have scarred him for life but with the love from a very strong-willed
woman and the everlasting support from his team members, he was able to overcome his demons…The passion showcased between Jimmy and Lia was sizzling hot and highly intense from the moment they met.  This is one story not to be missed and can be read as a standalone.” More



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