Holy Cow! Let’s Buck!

It takes a lot to surprise this jaded New Yorker, but one 19-year-old amateur bull rider from Oklahoma managed to do just that in a big way. Alvin Morris, the bull rider I sponsor who rides in a shirt embroidered with my Let’s Buck tagline and website and hands out bumper stickers printed with the same at rodeos in exchange for my covering his entrance fees, has gone above and beyond. Take a look at the below. I am still in shock. Yeah, that’s a real tattoo.

Alvins new Lets Buck Tattoo

The design came from the mudflap girls on his chaps, combined with my tagline, which he loved from the moment he first heard it. The below chaps also inspired the colors for the sponsor shirt Alvin wears, a black button-down with hot pink embroidery reading Let’s Buck http://www.catjohnson.net down his free arm.

Alvin's Chaps

Before you non-ink people freak out and start with the “tattoos are forever” argument, let me launch my own defense. Alvin once told me he is going to ride until he “competes in the championship in Vegas or is too crippled to ride at all”, so I dare say bull riders are forever as well as tattoos. It’s just my guess, but I don’t think Alvin will ever regret his tattoo.

He promises a better picture in 2 weeks after he’s allowed to wash it. It’s just hours old now but (forgive me–the marketing professional in me can’t help saying this) the timing of his surprise for me couldn’t be better, just as my Studs in Spurs series has new releases. BUCKED (Studs in Spurs, Book 2), the title that inspired the “Let’s Buck” tag line and promo materials, releases in paperback worldwide Dec. 7th. And RIDE (Studs in Spurs, Book 3) releases in eBook from Samhain Publishing Dec. 28th.


Make no mistake, Alvin didn’t even give me a hint except to say I had a surprise coming Friday night. I actually thought he’d gotten a stock contractor to name a bull after me, which I’d joked about him doing. I’m still speechless from Alvin’s surprise. All I can say is, LET’S BUCK!

5 responses to “Holy Cow! Let’s Buck!

  1. Hey, Manda,

    I have begun to realize that bull riders are a bit crazy, yes!

    You’re right, Alvin is totally devoted to the sport. Don’t think I had too much to do with it except that at a time when he was struggling to cover the cost of his rides, I stepped in to sponsor him. And I happened to come up with the catchy tag line. But I couldn’t be more blown away by the tattoo!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I think it’s awesome:) Very sexy. I’ve known a few bull riders over the years and I’d say they’re definitely crazy. You have to be to do what they do. lol Then again, the same could be said about us writers:)

  3. The bruising is from Bull Riding I hope and not the tattooing. You see those girls to on big rigs mud flaps too. He certainly seems devoted to you and I’m glad he helps with the promo but has he read any of the Studs in Spurs? I love them and canna wait for Ride to come out.

    • Hey Zina!

      I actually think the dark discoloration is from wiping off the ink. They didn’t get it all off. He took the pic right after it was done and you’re not allowed to wash them for a while.

      His father’s girlfriend has read Unridden but not sure I could get Alvin to sit still long enough to read them himself.

      I’m excited about RIDE too! Not too long now.

      Thanks for the comment,