PBR Round 2!

The night started out great and only proved to get better.

First, one of the PBR fangirls I know from Twitter, who also coincidentally reads my books, found me at the arena and we got to meet in person. Then Froggy, one of my old time fans from way back before I was writing cowboy books, came to the PBR event too! I’ve converted her and now she is a bull riding lover as well. AND she was sporting one of my Let’s Buck stickers. (See pic below)

We sold a ton of raffle tickets to benefit the Rider’s Relief Fund (a not for profit which assists injured bull riders) then I was free to find my seat.

Here’s the thing about Mohegan Sun Arena. The sitemap is a bit deceiving and it wasn’t until I was ushered to my seat that I realized I was 1 seat back from the dirt! If I was any closer I would have been sitting in one of the judge’s laps. My proximity to the action was made very apparent when the first bull out kicked dirt in my face. I was willing to put up with that for the rest of the night just to be that close to the action, though I was sizing up the height and strength of the metal rails which were the only thing between me and the bulls, but luckily, that was the only time dirt was sent flying my way. The rest of the night was just action-packed fun!

So today, back to the arena for the 3rd and final round. I’ll be volunteering at the RRF booth again AND I will be donating a Cat Johnson Cowboy Lover’s gift bag packed full of my Let’s Buck items and a signed copy of Unridden. This will be auctioned off at the final in Vegas to benefit the Rider’s Relief Fund.

Watch on TV today. Maybe you’ll see me!

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