Bulls, Sh*t and More!

So I’m here at Mohegan Sun Casino, where you walk past the slot machines and Blackjack tables and into an arena filled with sand, bulls and cowboys. Quite the surreal sight for Connecticut but tons of fun. Last night was the opening night event. My seat was just 2 away from the pens where they hold the bulls for the competition. This morning, sunny but brisk, I got to tour the bull housing area, actually one of the covered parking structures. Though the railings holding these beasts in looked a little tentative to me, no one made a break for it and I even got to scratch one on his nose (through the rails, I’m not crazy or stupid!).

My tour was given by stock manager Cody Lambert and stock contractor Chad Berger. I got to see some of the big name bulls. Above I believe is Big Tex, Slapdown and Little Yellow Jacket Jr., looking bored to see us. As opposed to some of their comrades who warily kept a very safe distance from the crowd tiptoeing through the manure-strewn aisle between the pens. Only one of the bulls pictured below (Myspace-the black one on the right) dared cross the invisible line drawn in the sand and let us pet him. The rest stood like statues for the entire tour.

After the tour we had lunch at Bubba’s BBQ. Fabulous and we sat next to some of biggest names in the PBR. I got brave and gave them my LET’S BUCK stickers. They looked at me like I had 3 heads so yeah, I feel like an idiot. Sigh…lesson learned.

Let's Buck

Anyway…tonight I volunteer again at the Rider’s Relief Fund booth on the concourse outside the arena. We are selling chances to win VIP Chute Seats to benefit this very worthy not for profit. Then later more bull riding. And tomorrow, we do it again for the final event here in Uncasville.

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