Authors After Dark

Heard at my house at oh-dark-thirty (specificially 4:30 a.m. this morning).

Husband: “What’s this scary looking blonde wig doing here?”

Me: “That’s for Eliza Gayle’s costume for AAD.”

Husband: “I thought some strange new cat had crawled in.”

Even in my sleep deprived state, or perhaps because of it, I broke out into hysterical laughter–the kind that keeps creeping back up on you out of nowhere even after you think it’s done.

So yes, the point of this post is that the Authors After Dark Reader Convention in New Jersey is only next week, which means there is a flurry of activity as I plan outfits both for the day panels I’ll be speaking on and the public book signing as well as for the nighttime literary figure costume party, gather swag and promo items, books and booze and everything else we’ll need.

I still have to hack a foot or so off the bottom of my own costume because though my 35-25-35 hourglass figure fit in the ballgown right off the rack, the fact I’m barely 5 feet tall means nearly everything is too long on me.

It’s going to be a hell of a weekend. Combine a bunch of readers, authors, editors/agents/publishers, vendors, a psychic, some alcohol AND an on-site tattoo artist, dump them all together in a hotel in New Jersey for a few days and who knows what can happen!

Of course I’ll post pictures…


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