Just for Fun…

WordPress has this really cool analytics page where they tell things like number of views per page, what links on my site viewers clicked on, what other sites led them here and the really amusing part–what Google search terms people entered that led to them visiting my site. Some are pretty straightforward and boring, some are downright disturbing. So just for fun, I’m sharing them here… I know I for one am heading right over to see what Erotik Bullriding.com is all about!



Search Terms Today and Number of Instances
cat johnson 11
cat johnson author 4
erotik bulriding.com 2
author ? johnson 1
nook “in the box” 1
can you read the nook on the beach 1
“cat johnson” 1
books by author: johnson 1
cat johnson sports 1
we love men 1

Search Terms Yesterday and Number of Instances

cat johnson 11
books by author johnson 2
erotic short stories free pdf 1
rough stock by cat johnson excerpt 1
boots in the title of books 1
how does the nook read title and author? 1
cat johnson author 1
tasteful written erotica females threesome 1
epub porn writers 1
http://www.catjohnsen.net 1

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