Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor

The Rookie Studs in Spurs Deleted Scene

I finally got around to formatting and uploading the deleted scene I cut out of BUCKED (Studs in Spurs, Book 2).

This is the scene where Mustang, freshly hurt and mourning the possible loss of his bull riding career, decides to take rookie bull rider Chase under his wing for a wild night with a woman they picked up at a local bar.

It’s short, only 2500 words. This is NOT a romance, it’s not a complete story, it is just what it says, a single scene that shows you what happened behind closed doors to the characters in BUCKED. If you want romance, if you want an HEA, if you want to learn more about the characters, read UNRIDDEN, or BUCKED, or the upcoming RIDE.

Making the pdf of this scene available is my gift to my loyal readers. ONLY download it if you are an adult of over 18 years old, not offended by sexual situations written in frank language, already love the Studs in Spurs cowboys, or want to sample a small taste of what the series is like. IF you don’t meet the above criteria and download and read this anyway, don’t complain to me. You’ve been warned.

If you enjoy this look into my cowboys’ world, try 8 Second Ride, a 3000 word scene starring Chase, also free, also containing sexual situations, also not a romance and not a complete story.

If you are interested in knowing why my post is full of all these conditions and warnings, read my recent post on my Confessions of a Romance Writer at the Eat Something Sexy blogs.

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