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Here’s the deal… Promo Goddess Stella Price came up with this idea and invited us, her author friends, to play along. Each Saturday a bunch of us will post a portion of a sex scene on our blogs. You, our lovely readers, read the scene and then post a comment with what song you think would best fit the scene. I will choose one winner at random from all the comments received before midnight Sunday eastern time, then post that winner on Monday. That winner will have one week to email me to collect thier prize, which will be whichever book I am giving away that week.

Got it? Good. Here’s today’s scene from my newest paranormal release, BLISS. The winner will receive a PDF of Bliss.  And don’t forget to visit the blogs of my friends, Stella Price, Tilly Greene and Bianca D’Arc.


Love’s Immortal Pantheon, Vol. 3

Psyche, Adelfa, and Bliss. Three beautiful sisters. One timid, one selfish, and one caring; but all three hungry for the pleasures of the flesh.

Upon gazing at her beauty, Eros, the god of love, demands the virginal Psyche be brought to his bed. Never mind that this is in direct defiance of the all-powerful goddess Aphrodite, who loathes her earthly rival.

Psyche has her own feelings about whose bed she’d rather be brought to, and it’s not that of the mysterious being who summons her. Led by Bliss, the three sisters hatch a surprising deception of their own that will hopefully satisfy all their needs.

Lust. Jealousy. Betrayal. Sex. Lies. Love. The truth will be revealed in the end, but will they all survive it?

Excerpt (RATED: Mature for adults only)

She waited for him inside. The woman with the face that had Aphrodite green with envy. Psyche, the creature who made his heart soar, and she was his. Even the arrival and intrusion of her entourage into his sanctuary didn’t diminish the happiness of finally having her.

It had been all Eros could do to stay away until full darkness. Now, he needn’t delay any longer. Psyche lay waiting in his bed. Yet still he stood on the wrong side of the door. He pressed his palm against the wood and willed his wildly beating heart to calm.

Feeling ridiculous for hesitating, he grabbed the doorknob. He’d bedded countless women over the millennia. This one would be no different. The falseness of that idea screamed through his brain. This one was vastly different. This was the woman he’d defied Aphrodite for when he stood before the goddess and swore Psyche was taken care of. That she would never be seen by a mortal man again. That wasn’t a complete lie as she would be his, and he was an immortal. Though he doubted Aphrodite would appreciate the technicality.

Putting the goddess out of his mind, Eros entered the room and moved into the blackness. The illumination from the stars shone through the window opening and allowed him to see just the outline of the wide bed draped in white gauze. He aimed for the bulk of the mattress.

A fluttering began low in his belly when he thought about what it would mean to love her in complete darkness. Would every other sense heighten because he’d deprived himself of seeing her? He shuddered in anticipation of the coming pleasures.

After reaching the bed, he slid his hand along the coverings, seeking her, but he found only the cool, smooth bedding. No warmth. No body of the woman he craved. “Psyche?”

“Here.” Her voice, barely louder than a breath, originated from the dark corner to the side of the window.

Eros moved toward the sound, careful to not step into what little light came from the night sky through the opening. She couldn’t see him. His lie to Aphrodite depended on no one, not even Psyche, knowing the man to claim her would be him.

Hands extended, he eventually found her there in the corner and finally touched the object of his desire for the first time since laying eyes upon her beauty. Had it been only that very day? It seemed as if it had been far longer than that since she had entranced him. “Love, here you are.”

He heard her swallow before she answered. “Yes.”

Smiling, he ran one hand up to cup her face. He felt the softness of her hair.

“You don’t talk very much, my lovely, but after having met your extremely verbose sister, I think I’m grateful for that fact.” She drew in a sharp, audible breath and he regretted the statement. “I apologize. She is beloved to you and I shan’t speak ill of her again.”

Beneath Eros’ fingers, she trembled. He opened himself, seeking the cause. Her emotions flooded him, a tangled mix with fear dominating all the rest. “Please don’t be afraid of me. I would never hurt you. You do believe that, don’t you?”


The pounding of her heart vibrated through the hand he had pressed to her back. He sensed the doubt that told him her answer was less than truthful. That pained him.

“No, you don’t believe it yet, but you will, in time.” He bent his head low and breathed in the scent of her. Clean cotton, lavender water, and woman. The hand on her face traced a path down her throat to her collarbone, before breaking away. His hand roamed lower, down over her curvaceous hip and she trembled harder. A thought struck him, one that hadn’t occurred to Eros before. “Am I the first man to touch you?”


No other answer could have made him happier. He dragged one finger down her arm and felt a shudder run through her. His hand found her cheek again and he leaned in and let his lips brush her jaw, then trail down her throat.

Her head tipped to one side and allowed him greater access. Taking it he stepped closer and let his lips claim hers. He pressed one leg between her thighs as his mouth worked on hers. Her breath quickened and a new emotion flowed from her and through him. Desire. He groaned as her need filled him, mingled with his own, and settled low in his gut.

So hard from wanting her he throbbed, Eros pressed his erection against her hip and felt her reaction to it. Fright mingled with curiosity. “What you fear will only bring you pleasure. I swear to you.”

Doubt radiated from her.

“What will make you believe me? Tell me. What can I do?”

She hesitated. “Maybe if I…touched you first.”

His laughter sounded too loud as it filled the darkened room. “Touch me all you want, my love.”

She began slowly, tracing the tips of her fingers first over his face, then down his chest until she finally ran just the tip of one finger over his length. Eros’ eyes closed from the sensations running through him at even that small contact of her hand on his cock through the thickness of the fabric covering him.

“If you’re going to explore, you need to do it properly.” He lifted the fabric out of the way and placed her hand on him again. She jumped when she connected with his bare flesh.

“There. Now, you can really touch me and see there is nothing to fear.” It took all of his will to continue to speak rationally with her hand on him.

“You’re right. You’re perfectly average.”

Eros choked. “Average?”


“I assure you, woman, I’m not average.”

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